Mamamoo’s Decalcomanie is a lesson in the worst way

Mamamoo are on a high right now with the amount of success they have achieved since their debut over the last couple of years. Coming in as one of the stronger vocal based groups of the new generation that have made themselves standout with vocal focused, R&B and big band influenced pop. Their new song Decalcomanie strives to be memorable with a more forward blend of their past efforts.

Warning: After this video includes images of assault. Solar (and Hwasa) are depicted as being forced into a kiss with Solar’s character being seen actively struggling against the male lead. I will also be discussing them later in the review so be mindful.  Continue reading


Ladies’ Code move forward with The Rain

Navigating Ladies’ Code musically feels like something that will take a lot of time. After a quiet but likable return with Galaxy at the beginning of the year, and Sojung’s stint on the show Girl’s Spirit (which I will eventually make a post about), LC have thankfully decided to not wait too long before gracing the masses with a new song.

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