Don’t Speak almost gets it right for Tiffany

Don’t Speak is a song from the group Far East Movement (the group that gave us the annoying Like A G6). Admittedly I heard the name Far East Movement and rolled my eyes, because of that song. However their latest album showed that they are definitely better than I expected. I am proud to be wrong. Their album is lined with many Asian singers, many from the K-music scene. Tiffany of SNSD assist with Don’t Speak with King Chain.Unfortunately the song and video focuses heavily on Tiffany, making this more of a moment for her.

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Late Review: Red Velvet plays with conforming on Russian Roulette

Red Velvet return with a new EP titled Russian Roulette, and led by the promptly titled song as well. Having started the year with the somber ballad One Of Those Nights, the group have returned to the fun brighter side of them with this comeback.

I like the song. It’s catchy enough, and fun. On to the important stuff though.

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Exo’s comeback is decent enough

The return of Exo resulted in two different songs, titled Monster and Lucky One. Unfortunately they have been back for a while now and I have just not cared enough to really discuss it. So…yeah…here is a post about Exo’s comeback with a dual single release!


The song isn’t bad, but…I’m not completely sold on it. This has probably been said several times, but the biggest thing that stood out was the similarities to Overdose in the chorus. It felt slowed down, almost creeping giving it a more dramatic take, which is saying a lot because Overdose was a dramatic wall of harmonies and yelps. Overall Monster kind of just moves with nothing going for or against it. They sound good, and since Growl, have been on a string of rather solid releases so nothing feels out of the ordinary now.

Lucky One

Once again, a good release from the group. It’s very…Maroon 5, which I don’t necessarily think is a bad thing. I think it is much catchier than Monster, but they both seem to feel very middle of the road for the group at this time. If I had to grade it I would give it a B. Like a strong high B. The group is capable of A work (Overdose, Call Me Baby and Love Me Right are two exceptional songs), and have shown the capacity for disappointing failures (Wolf). Lucky Ones falls somewhere in the middle, neither having anything really that makes it stand out yet not doing anything badly.

At the end of the year, I don’t think I will remember Exo’s musical comeback. Even with two offerings, the music didn’t seem to really make way anywhere. Monster is a soft retread playing up the dramatics and darkness, while Lucky One is a catchy pop track. Neither are really the group at their best or their worst, and that’s not a bad thing…I guess.

SNSD coming back with three singles and here is a taste of them

SNSD’s comeback is one of the most anticipated ones of the summer, and with good reason. SM seems to be pulling all the stops as SNSD are returning with three different songs. One is a pre-release, while the other two are going to be the promo tracks.

For a taste of these three tracks…here you go.

All three songs sound promising in their own ways. Party is going the typical summer song route, which means there is going to be major emphasis on simplicity (a rarity for SM), summer specific pop cliches, and a chorus that won’t leave you alone. In short this might be the most accepted single SNSD have put out in years. The colors and open area in the video look really good. We seem to not be getting that same cinema quality that some of SM’s other acts have been getting. But I guess all is well.

Lion’s Heart is going a different direction than it’s title would suggest. It falls in line with SNSD’s more subdued pop. Retro in sound, and image (Wait A Minute off their last ep). The video looks typical them. Dancing in a box, looking pretty shots, and bad wigs.

You Think is the sassy them, which balances out the more “classy” pop vibe from Lion’s Heart. We getting “intense” dancing (jusdging from the trailer), high notes, more aggressive singing in general…and the video looks…well it looks nice.

Overall this is my excitement level: Party>>Lion’s Heart/You Think

I think the last two are what we expect from them, and to be honest, they haven’t been going that well with those concepts and images. I always think it is missing just a little something. Party seems like there is no expectations other than to be an earworm.

Well we will find out what’s good come July 7th, when Party is to be released. The dates for the other singles have not been determined as far as I know.  But you can best believe I am going to talk about it.


Source: SMTOWN


KuzzReview: Amber makes a clear definition on Beautiful

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t/don’t really see it for Amber. By that, I just don’t care for her musically. I expected Luna to get the solo before her, but here we are.

Amber released Beautiful earlier in February, and…yeah…review.

(My intros are getting worse)

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Amber demands we Shake That Brass

Amber’s solo debut is here, and I don’t have much of an intro so here we go…

I have not been on board for an Amber only solo because I just don’t think she is worth it. Still with some guidance from higher ups anything is possible (me liking her music).

I don’t hate this. I don’t 100% like it, but I don’t hate it.

Even after the first listen, I thought of two things. This could have been an f(x) track, and this is exactly Amber.

The first point is irrelevant to this post, so no need to talk about it.

The song being very Amber is a very positive thing. Amber is fun, charismatic, and doesn’t take herself very seriously (as in she is laidback). Amber is not pretentious, so she came out with a song that pretty much defines that.

In comparison to everyone else’s solo, this one plays well with Amber’s strengths. Her personality.

I love how it sounds like a high school marching band…I was in Marching Band, and while I usually act like it was one of the worst times of my life (it was), I still loved it in a way. I also like that there wasn’t a chorus. Having no hook saved this song.

Taeyeon’s addition was the only vocal part I actually liked.

Overall I think they got it right for Amber. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it does help pick up in this final winter month.

The video, once again plays to Amber’s strengths. We are not giving yet another angsty, whiny ass video with chains and dark color pallets and hunched over sadness. We got a brightly colored, personality filled video. It’s essentially Amber in multiple scenes. The only issue is, Amber’s….you know what I am going to be nice.

I liked the video enough. All the cameos were fun. That’s it.

Shake That Brass exceeded my expectations, mainly due to the fact that they didn’t try to push Amber beyond her abilities, and played up to her biggest strengths, most notably her unoffensive personality. It’s fun, it’s bright, and it makes me feel a little more positive.

JongHyun’s Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) video has been released + Teaser post

SM’s insurance plan is going nicely. Last year they released several solo opportunities for many of their older groups, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

They are even starting the year off with a highly anticipated one…Jonghyun of SHINee.

Yes the vertically challenged main vocalist of one of SM’s better made groups is coming out with his own solo effort in less than a week.

Today he released his very first solo music video for his debut track: Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)

Okay look…I don’t want to be rude…but we could have done better.

This sounds like a reject Exo title track.

I think what is bothering is that I just don’t find it fleshed out, and a lot of conflicting things going on. The chorus is so bare but cluttered at the same time. The piano and violins were supposed to give this vibe of drama that I wanted, but then the…hip hop beat (God forgive me for describing it as such) just didn’t gel. They didn’t even bother working them together. Then JongHyun was singing on that clusterfuck of a beat by himself with little help sounding like he was doing the bare minimum while trying to provide some inner turmoil. It just…it could have gone better.

The entire song could have gone better in my opinion.

I refused to watch the video because I know how it will go.


If you felt like me and thought this was not worth it (or straight booty garbage), here are some teaser images to cleanse your palette

***Under the Break***

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TaeTiSeo spoils us with Whisper

So SM decided to be nice and give TTS something to do. For those who don’t know, TTS is a sub unit of SNSD (SM’s flagship girlgroup) and it consist of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun (TaeTiSeo=TTS)

TTS comes off as the grown side of SNSD. They drop the wholesome vibe and give you grown, more mature pop.

With their new pre-release we take it a step further with a viby pop track Whisper

Let me just get this one thing out of the way: I think the vocals are a little too loud. Like just slightly over the acceptable border if you get what I am saying. It’s nothing terrible and just ruins the track for me, but it was something I noticed. Maybe it’s just me…

Anyway time to praise the hell out of this song. I love it. I live for it. This is so vibey and sexy, and charming. You never really hear this from SNSD, Korean wise.

The song is not sexual, but it has this overtones. The way the girls sing this song, kind of sensual, a little viby, and some effort. By effort I mean they are not just going through the motions vocally, but putting it in. I am connecting with their lowkey horniness. I love the thirst.

And harmonies!!!!!!

Fill the song up. That is one of my things. If you can, you should. Sometimes in K Pop, they will do these basic ass harmonies, but the song will still feel empty. Here we have some nice harmonies from the ladies.

I love it. It’s one of my favorites of 2014. I can see, and probably will, be playing this all day. It’s just…up my alley musically.

SNSD-TaeTiSeo will be releasing another album on September 16, so be on the look out for that.

Taemin is a tease for his upcoming solo debut (pics, info, and thoughts)

So remember when I posted about Taemin and his solo…well after a long agonizing wait (for others I really don’t care), SM has blessed us with some teasers.

Alright time for a slide show, and some info.

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SM couldn’t even wait until their second mini album before fucking up with Red Velvet

This is a record.

Only two/three hours into their debut, and Red Velvet about to catch the heat.

In their video, there are newspaper clips that speak about WWII, specifically the bombing of Hiroshima.

Also…one of the girls were playing with a toy airplane around what looked like the Twin Towers, a reference to 9/11.

I didn’t even notice this until someone pointed it out. now, I can’t even enjoy the video…WHICH I LIKED.

I am 100% positive that SM knew what they were doing. Anything involving the US on that type of scale is going to be known (we may not know much about other countries problems, but dammit everyone knows ours). I don’t think it was with malice. But that is never an excuse. A  lack of intent, does not make it any less bad. No one is going to understand why SM OK’ed these images. They are going to understand that these were two horrific times, and to put them in a very bright and positive video is lowkey/highkey fucked up.

Songs and videos like this are not uncommon, and I don’t think they get nearly as much hate…but still work.

Hopefully SM will handle this accordingly. (But you know they won’t). Hopefully Red Velvet comes back, and has a better song to give (watch SM put them on a long hiatus).

This is a mess and they ain’t even been out for a day.