2018 Review Rush: Fromis_9 Debut with To Heart+ DKDK (Second Single)

Fromis (_9) are the result of yet another survival show titled Idol School (hence the name From…I(dol) S(chool). When the show came out I swore against it like I did both Produce 101 and whatever ilk spawned beyond that. Unfortunately I ended up getting invested in the show and some of the contestants (many of my choices NOT making the group), but now I am invested in the group as well. Needless to say I knew the group would end up being cute (a school concept…please).

Because I am in such a rush review wise, I decided to combine both their 2018 releases into one review. To Heart and DKDK (which is just Pitapat).

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JBJ’s My Flower is likable

If you were to ask me who JBJ is, I would block you. I don’t know. I can’t even tell you when they debuted (I’m guessing either last year or late 2016). Boy groups are a mystery to me at this point. If you not from an already established group, I barely have time for them.

Still I said 2018 I was going to flesh out my listening, so here we go. JBJ’s new song My Flower.

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Chung Ha’s Roller Coaster falters despite promising start

Chung Ha has been one of the luckier girls to branch from IOI fame. Not being tethered to a group (with expectations to provide a group with a boost in notoriety), Chung Ha was allowed the chance to move as her own and create her own musical identity as a soloist. Last year’s Why Don’t You Know came out and was liked well enough as a summer single. Not wasting too much time, Chung Ha starts the new year with a just as bright dance number titled Roller Coaster.

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Sunmi’s Heroine builds fantasticly but stops short of a perfect payoff

After 2017, Sunmi proved to be a bit of a force. Gashina kept the tradition of dance worthy songs, that played into the weird and quirk while feeding into the K pop trend of trop house. Now it is 2018, and instead of making us wait forever, Sunmi is back with a new single Heroine.

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Infinite’s Tell Me tries to combine pop feelings with angst

The last time I spoke about Infinite I had someone mad I didn’t write out a glowing review of a song I didn’t like (instead I just said I didn’t care for it and posted the video, and didn’t tag it). So here is my first review of Infinite’s new song Tell Me.

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Old Reviews: Fromis_9 Glass Shoes

Editor’s Note: I wrote this very quickly and to get things out of the way.

After a certain survival show, I had refused to entertain another one. I skipped both seasons of Produce 101, and am barely keeping up with The Unit (there are a couple of people I like on there). Still Idol School came, and several former JYP Trainess of a certain show were putting their hats into the race. In the end only one of them made it to the end, and I swore I wasn’t going to care about another group.

Obviously things don’t go how you want them.

Glass Shoes is a pre-release track for Fromis_9, and their debut is likely going to happen in February. I almost feel bad that this isn’t the debut because it is a likable song. You could probably pop into any faded pastel cute girl group and find an iteration of this exact song. It’s nothing new, or groundbreaking. But in the efforts of keeping it simple they created something that I liked. The highlights have to be the hook section which gives a sort of whimsical nature to the song, and the actual chorus which has that understated drive. That drive only becomes prominent in the final chorus where the song gets the most modest of kicks to make the song not feel flat.

Overall it is a likable effort. I am sure people are tired of the cute concept. I do think it is coming to a close, but fromis_9 made a decent effort with this one.

Glass Shoes is available online for streaming and digital download. 


Mamamoo lack a certain color with Paint Me

I am never really excited for a Mamamoo comeback. The first Mamamoo song I have ever liked was Ahh Oop! which was not as loved. Neither was their foray into more mainstream pop with Um Oh Ah Yeh (Another song that I absolutely adored). Since then, it has been nothing short of a tug-a-war with my feelings for this group. They are talented, but I did not think their talent was musically been used well. Unfortunately not only does Mamamoo’s new release Paint Me fails to change that opinion, it also just further illuminates some things.

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N. Flying are confident with their new song Hot Potato

2018 I promised myself to do more boygroup reviews, and of course K Pop says prove it with this release. The only reason I know of N.Flying is that they were a less than stellar debut a couple of years back. Just didn’t pull in the attention at the time. Well thankfully they pushed through, and have come back with Hot Potato.

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MoMoLand give the year a great start with Bboom Bboom

Happy new year to everyone! With a new year comes a fresh start to the musical landscape of sorts. One of the first acts to make their return is the group MoMoland. MoMoland is a group birthed during the survival show era, unfortunately their show didn’t pull the numbers that the big leagues have. Still they have come through with several likable songs, including last years Freeze (a personal fave of mine). In 2017, they saw a member rise to popularity as a sort of musical meme, and it would seem said change has affected their comeback choice with Bboom Bboom.

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