Ladies’ Code move forward with The Rain

Navigating Ladies’ Code musically feels like something that will take a lot of time. After a quiet but likable return with Galaxy at the beginning of the year, and Sojung’s stint on the show Girl’s Spirit (which I will eventually make a post about), LC have thankfully decided to not wait too long before gracing the masses with a new song.

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Call Me Baby feels like nothing’s changed for Exo.

Exo’s comeback has been news since the end of last year/beginning of this year. After 2014 hit them with the loss of two members, a kissing scandal, and an aight comeback, Exo’s return is nothing less than a spectacle.

Exo-M version

Exo-K Version

I personally don’t see an issue with Call Me Baby, and in my opinion, it is kind of their best singles yet. Well at least the one I like the most. What is great about this song is how it manages to avoid the melodrama that one would expect them to have brought. Like I said, I would have thought Exo/SM would have went the drama-theatrics-full stop approach just to prove their cahoonas were still big and mighty even after the hit they took last year, and if we were to look at their album teasers, you would have thought for sure some crazy shit was going to go down. Instead this feels like nothing really happened. Like they moved on and gave us one of the very few R&B tracks from K Pop that I actually like. I was not emotionally invested in this song. I like it enough that I really don’t have much to say about it, and more than likely I will probably claim this song on the end of the year list (it’s a good song) but I do think that they as a group can be a little bland to me. This probably also has to do with the fact that I don’t like big groups really, and that big groups can be a little hard to listen through (for me).  Exo are no better or no worse than the average group, and are good for what they are worth. Still I wish I was so into their songs because they do have some good tracks.

Music video…it’s Growl with better clothing options and a smoother dance to watch. To be honest since Growl, Exo have been doing the same music video (albeit with a slew of minor details changed), so I really don’t mind/care at this point. To be honest to see them do something different would be a surprise.

Call Me Baby is a personal favorite. Despite me not really feeling Exo, the song really does it for me. Also

Amber demands we Shake That Brass

Amber’s solo debut is here, and I don’t have much of an intro so here we go…

I have not been on board for an Amber only solo because I just don’t think she is worth it. Still with some guidance from higher ups anything is possible (me liking her music).

I don’t hate this. I don’t 100% like it, but I don’t hate it.

Even after the first listen, I thought of two things. This could have been an f(x) track, and this is exactly Amber.

The first point is irrelevant to this post, so no need to talk about it.

The song being very Amber is a very positive thing. Amber is fun, charismatic, and doesn’t take herself very seriously (as in she is laidback). Amber is not pretentious, so she came out with a song that pretty much defines that.

In comparison to everyone else’s solo, this one plays well with Amber’s strengths. Her personality.

I love how it sounds like a high school marching band…I was in Marching Band, and while I usually act like it was one of the worst times of my life (it was), I still loved it in a way. I also like that there wasn’t a chorus. Having no hook saved this song.

Taeyeon’s addition was the only vocal part I actually liked.

Overall I think they got it right for Amber. It’s not the best thing in the world, but it does help pick up in this final winter month.

The video, once again plays to Amber’s strengths. We are not giving yet another angsty, whiny ass video with chains and dark color pallets and hunched over sadness. We got a brightly colored, personality filled video. It’s essentially Amber in multiple scenes. The only issue is, Amber’s….you know what I am going to be nice.

I liked the video enough. All the cameos were fun. That’s it.

Shake That Brass exceeded my expectations, mainly due to the fact that they didn’t try to push Amber beyond her abilities, and played up to her biggest strengths, most notably her unoffensive personality. It’s fun, it’s bright, and it makes me feel a little more positive.

Epik High enlist a force for Born Hater

I have been skimpy, I know, so lets get into this.

Epik High will be releasing a new album Tuesday, titled Shoebox. To entice the public the group released their single Born Hater, with a lot of help.

The song features: Epik High, Beenzino, Verbal Jint, and YG’s young stunners: Mino (of Winner), Bobby and B.I. (of the future group iKon). I will say I am only familiar with some of these people (Epik High I only know of Tablo like that)

Suffice to say this is a hefty list of people to talk about. So let’s just dive on in….after the break.

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Red Velvet switches it up with Be Natural

It has been two months since SM’s latest girl group has debuted, and things are going slowly.

Happiness was not met with glowing love from everyone (I liked it, but I don’t have the greatest taste so…), and the video was originally a source of controversy.

Still the girls went through a month and some change performance run on that song, and were even able to get nominated for #1 on an award show. And their fanbase has grown considering they had little promo prior to their debut (their last member was not even mentioned in SM Rookies).

Needless to say, Red Velvet are doing alright in my book.

It’s small things that are getting them going.

Still for an SM group, people think they are just…doing terribly. Which…eh, I’m not going to comment on like that.

I had stated that they would need to comeback immediately to keep some momentum. I said October/November comeback, and I was on it.

So here we are with Red Velvet’s second digital single: Be Natural

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Bernard Park makes his official debut with I’m…

Earlier in the year, Bernard Park won K Pop Star season 3 (the same show that gave acts such as Park Jimin, Lee Hi, Baek Ah Yeon, that one dude from Winner I don’t care about as well as Akdong Musician a chance).  The show has been a good thing in giving singers who normally would not get the chance to even come to these companies a chance to debut.

Bernard won his season, and chose JYPE (where Park Jimin joined after her win in the first season).

Since then he had gone under the radar, prepping for his debut (basically he lost weight and stuff like that).

Was his efforts worth the wait?

The saving grace of this song is that Bernard sounds wonderful. That’s it.

First off it’s borderline Korean Ballad. I think it is perfect timing to do a ballad around this time with it being fall and more cuddle weather, but eh…I love ballads, but K pop ballads tend to be very one dimensional.

Second there is one phrase that just…stands out, and that is because it is repeated throughout most of the song. Like I forgot verses were a thing for most of the song…it just…eh.

That being said, Bernard sounded amazing. He was giving you angst, without sounding whiny as hell. He already one of JYPE’s better vocalist. He has such a lovely voice.

Would I watch this live every music show? No.

The music video was nice. He showed up in his own video which is always great. But yeah the video was about a guy seeing his ex with her new man, and she is doing okay, and he isn’t, and then he goes to paint her on a wall in a drunken stupor (with great accuracy by the way), and then throws paint on her while it rains.

It’s dramatic, but very Korean. Like this video and song are very…typical. It feels like they want to be accepted so bad, and that is understandable. They want this one to be a success…instantly. Bernard falls under that I’m not idol pretty, but I’m cute and I can sing so let me just do all these ballads.

That’s him…or I bet that will be the plan.

It’s cuddle season. JYPE needs a win. Bernard can sing.

That is why I’m is happening.

Overall, I wouldn’t listen to this again willingly. It’s familiar. Like we have heard this several times, and it isn’t the best rendition of it. Bernard sung the hell out of this song though, and I can see people loving it live. But overall…yeah.

Edit/Update: Just found out that this was a pre-release, and the official single/debut is 0ctober 13, 2014. That makes a difference for me. With that in mind, the song is still okay but hopefully the first single will have the defining punch.

Teen Top returns with Missing.

Wow my title is trash…

Teen Top has returned from where they were (I don’t follow this group, so any of their stans are free to inform us on their past where abouts), with the simmering Missing.

I like it, but there are things that needed changing. First off the song music wise is oddly versatile. It’s that R&B that we don’t hear often in K Pop, but is still used regularly. When I first heard it, I was thinking they should have went with a flirtatious party song. It has that swagger that doesn’t come to hard, which allows it to be inviting, and easy to digest. It’s very easy. But as I continued listening, I began to get it. The beat also is moody, and when put together with the right vocals…you get Missing.

Once again, I like it.

I feel like the execution on Teen Top’s part is okay. The rapping felt right in place (I don’t know their skill level on that), the vocals are alright, and Taemin-lite does his job musically.

The video is alright. I think they should have just done a more simple set on the group scenes. K pop sets are way too gaudy, and overly animated (maybe to distract you from the trash song, I don’t know), and sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I think this could have been done in a warehouse, or something. In an alley. Something a little more real…I don’t know. The story line was a little hard to follow. I think when you have videos, you need to make sure that everything makes sense. I feel like the girl cheated on her boyfriend, with the friend, and something happened. If I had the lyrics maybe that would make sense of everything.

Eh well…

Overall, this is a nice comeback for me. I don’t know if I will be completely in love, and watching their every move afterward, but I didn’t hate it. The song was nice, the video wasn’t hard to swallow. I don’t think Teen Top are going to be shooting up in popularity (partly because they have two God-tier idols fresh on their return), but this is a nice treat.

Super Junior make their glorious return after *insert time period to which I don’t care* with Mamacita

I don’t care for SUper Junior. They are not a bad group in the slightest, to be honest, I think they actually break the SM mold, which is a great thing…


I don’t care.

However they have returned, with most of their members back…and I decided to listen…

Once again…this is not a group I particularly care for…so…

This was a mess and a half…a fun mess…but a mess.

The video was the best part. It was fun, stupid, and just…unpretentious.

That’s really all you can ask for.

They have a big fanbase, they are going to win an award or two next week, the song is trash and they pull it off. That is what matters.