JBJ’s My Flower is likable

If you were to ask me who JBJ is, I would block you. I don’t know. I can’t even tell you when they debuted (I’m guessing either last year or late 2016). Boy groups are a mystery to me at this point. If you not from an already established group, I barely have time for them.

Still I said 2018 I was going to flesh out my listening, so here we go. JBJ’s new song My Flower.

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Ga In’s Carnival is a festive occasion

After 2014’s sensual affair that was Hwahah and the lead single Paradise Lost, Ga In has comeback with the less grim, less sexual, yet still as thrilling Carnival.

Short answer: Carnival brings a great look for Ga In despite some hiccups, with a video that is above the rest.

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CL finally makes moves for the US with Lifted


Two years ago it was made known that CL would be moving to the US market…well…shit things haven’t gone anywhere. After a flop buzz single that really only made waves in the K Pop community (not the goal) but did get some play in a commercial (I forget which one)…we finally get Lifted.

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Laboum’s Sugar Sugar is sweet but lacking

I don’t remember Laboum’s debut…it was probably something I did not particularly enjoy. Possibly too sugary with none of the required energy (I think them and Minx were true under dogs around that time though). However it was around the time that Red Velvet had come back that I started to want them back. Once again, I don’t remember what their debut looked like nor do I remember having any sort of opinion about it…but they seemed fun.
So…thankfully they returned..and leave a better impression.

Everything about Sugar Sugar is endearing to me…but I don’t really LOVE it. I think that’s the big problem. I like it, and I find it fun cute and positive, but…I will probably not remember this song by tomorrow. If I were to listen to this some more…probably be one of my favorites by the beginning of summer…but right now, not enough for me.

What Sugar Sugar lacks in impact, it makes up for just being cute and fun. I think what I like about this is that Laboum are giving you cute concept with their flavor. The problem is the flavor really isn’t developed. With groups like GFriend, Lovelyz and Red Velvet (Who teeter the cute line tbh) that have a more fleshed out ideas of their cuteness (even if it is copied and paste), there is little time for Laboum to be trying to get it right.

Still the fun aspect of cuteness is their thing and helps them stand out, it’s only finding the right sound to go with it. They are entertaining (or at least the blonde one is), so why not have a song that makes it fun to be…well fun. Sugar Sugar is almost there. It is a 50’s-60’s inspired pop track, that feels like it could be catchy. The video is fun…and endearing. I just…it’s not enough.

Sugar Sugar isn’t bad, but it definitely lacks that concrete feel that a lot of other rookie groups have brought. That can end up hurting them in the long run…as in they won’t have a long run.

G. Soul is finally in the spotlight with You.

I don’t know if I have talked about this, but G. Soul has finally debuted.

Here is his first single, titled You.

It sounds…a lot more poppier than I expected. I pray to God y’all are not tagging this R&B because..it ain’t.

(Note: The only reason I tagged him that is because the rest of his album is, and he is pretty much an R&B artist)

However, it is a really good song. A ballad that isn’t a Korean one. It’s rather modern. If I knew what he was saying, I would be singing it. It’s nice. Part of me thinks G. Soul is here to offset that interest in what Taeyang did last year, and continue to move forward musically.

The music video happened, I don’t particularly care for or about it because it’s one of those “sit in a chair and we will focus on you” videos and while I do love a bit of simplicity, that is redendant and hardly creative.

G.Soul’s You is a good song. I thought we were getting some Miguel type of music, but this is not bad at all.

Be on the lookout for the review I am working on for his album!


Source: JYPE Youtube

Apink return with LUV (spelled out L.O.V.E. when they sing it though)

There were two come backs that actually caught my attention. The GDYB thing…which will get its own post, and this.

Let’s just dive on in to LUV

I’m not going to act like I don’t like the song.

I do. It’s kind of a lowkey bop. They are still clinging on to that bubblegum pop sound of the early 2000’s, but it’s working for them.

I also want to discuss how they managed to do a bright song, but still have a mature vibe about it. Yes it is basically a ballad sped up(the entire way this song was approached gives me Korean ballad vibes)

Naeun’s little add on to the chorus is my favorite part of the song. I kind of wish Eunji didn’t just die off in the song. She is only prevalent on the chorus, and gets a section on the bridge, but instead of giving us some cute high notes, Chorong just replaces her on her original part, with no flutters or flitters in the forms of ad libs. And they gonna act like it didn’t happen.

Overall LUV is fun. I love the beat, I love how the song is handled for the most part. I really don’t have any complaints. I think Apink got a nice thing going here. Also they did a much more somber song, neatly wrapped in a bright paper…which is giving me hints of diversity…AND…it is not in them damn school girl outfits.

Super Junior releases two music videos and I got some opinions.

So yeah…this happened.

I like this in some way. I think there is something missing soundwise. I wanted to vibe out to it, but it just seemed so…boring. Like not obviously boring. I didn’t want to immediately turn it off. Instead I wanted to see where it would go. And by the end, it went no where. I don’t know Super Junior, so I can’t say whether or not that this is weak for them, but I wouldn’t throw this to the top even with my limited knowledge. The video…well SM did the same thing with Red Velvet in how they shot it, and it looked better with Red Velvet in a way (although it didn’t have that ugly transition that Red Velvet did).

The choreography seemed very bleh.

And now we move on to Evanesce

Much more interesting than This is Love. And you want to know why I think that. THat overly dramatic ass chorus when Eunhyuk ole girl start dancing. I love drama in music. Make a moment, but make sure it works. This worked for me. It sounded like 2009 yes, but it still worked. The beginning way nice enough, and the beat is cute (once again reminding me of 2009 sound wise). The video was basically the sad version of This Is Love, with no awkward dancing.

Overall I am not the biggest fans of these two really. I think they are okay, could be better, but okay. I don’t hate them. That’s about as much as I can give them. Honestly, they sound like afterthoughts put on at the last minute. But eh…

2AM coos on Days Like Today

It wasn’t even a day ago I wrote the post for 2AM, and now we have the pre-release track.

It’s very moody. That smooth R&B and classic soul teas are running amok. It’s the song that I wouldn’t see as a big hit on most levels, but if this were to be played on the radio while I was driving, I would listen, and sing along with the chorus. There is something moving about it in a way. Like it isn’t exactly the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I like it. I genuinely like it.

On the album, I hope this would be the track that leads into something else that will knock my socks off (I think it is the second or third track on the album).

As a song, I can’t hate it, however I am hoping the actual promotional track will have a lot of punch and life. This was good for what it is worth, and maybe as a third fourth single in another country…yeah. But K Pop doesn’t work that way.

As for the video…can’t hate it. Very typical, very on the heart strings. The video focuses on the day in the life of one random old dude. He does a lot of random normal things. Water his garden, take walks everywhere, go to the dentist. He even chills with his friends at one point. I’m no thespian, or massive film buff, but I do think the old man got the point across that today was just one of them days. WIthout even knowing his normal day to day, he seemed sluggish, out of it, and wandering.

We get to see a small glimpse of what can only be assume as part of his past. It happens during his dentist appointment, when he was put under. We go to a dreamlike state where we see him (in his current age) and a woman who looks to be maybe a decade or two younger (I saw crows feet) walking behind him with that same popsicle he had before.She was in black and white.


This was the most out of the ordinary moment of the video, however it happened under what is to be considered normal circumstances.

All the members show up at various points in the video. Jo Kwon is at the park eating the same Popsicle as well. Changmin is old man’s dentist. Jinwoon is rocking out with a streetband. Seulong is a waiter.  Even though they showed up, it was nice that the video focused on someone else (who was also lipping the lyrics at moments).

Overall I like, but I won’t really remember it like that. It’s a track that I will appreciate on the album (if it works out to be that way), and is doing its job as a pre-release.

2AM will officially return with their third studio album, Let’s Talk on October 30, 2014, as well as their new single .

Bernard Park makes his official debut with I’m…

Earlier in the year, Bernard Park won K Pop Star season 3 (the same show that gave acts such as Park Jimin, Lee Hi, Baek Ah Yeon, that one dude from Winner I don’t care about as well as Akdong Musician a chance).  The show has been a good thing in giving singers who normally would not get the chance to even come to these companies a chance to debut.

Bernard won his season, and chose JYPE (where Park Jimin joined after her win in the first season).

Since then he had gone under the radar, prepping for his debut (basically he lost weight and stuff like that).

Was his efforts worth the wait?

The saving grace of this song is that Bernard sounds wonderful. That’s it.

First off it’s borderline Korean Ballad. I think it is perfect timing to do a ballad around this time with it being fall and more cuddle weather, but eh…I love ballads, but K pop ballads tend to be very one dimensional.

Second there is one phrase that just…stands out, and that is because it is repeated throughout most of the song. Like I forgot verses were a thing for most of the song…it just…eh.

That being said, Bernard sounded amazing. He was giving you angst, without sounding whiny as hell. He already one of JYPE’s better vocalist. He has such a lovely voice.

Would I watch this live every music show? No.

The music video was nice. He showed up in his own video which is always great. But yeah the video was about a guy seeing his ex with her new man, and she is doing okay, and he isn’t, and then he goes to paint her on a wall in a drunken stupor (with great accuracy by the way), and then throws paint on her while it rains.

It’s dramatic, but very Korean. Like this video and song are very…typical. It feels like they want to be accepted so bad, and that is understandable. They want this one to be a success…instantly. Bernard falls under that I’m not idol pretty, but I’m cute and I can sing so let me just do all these ballads.

That’s him…or I bet that will be the plan.

It’s cuddle season. JYPE needs a win. Bernard can sing.

That is why I’m is happening.

Overall, I wouldn’t listen to this again willingly. It’s familiar. Like we have heard this several times, and it isn’t the best rendition of it. Bernard sung the hell out of this song though, and I can see people loving it live. But overall…yeah.

Edit/Update: Just found out that this was a pre-release, and the official single/debut is 0ctober 13, 2014. That makes a difference for me. With that in mind, the song is still okay but hopefully the first single will have the defining punch.