A list of Likes and Dislikes about Pristin’s We Like

Warning: This review was very frustrating. I spent several drafts trying to figure out a way to say what I liked and disliked but it kept getting aggressive and grumpy. So this review is going to be really short and a list. That’s it.

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Gashina proves to be a twist on Sunmi’s already offbeat brand

Sunmi has made her first comeback in three years as a soloist. What was she doing? Well between 205-2017, Sunmi had returned to her former idol group Wonder Girls, and helped revitalize their career and image. Of course after giving us two really good releases, the group decides to split up just shy of their 10 year anniversary. With two members have left JYPE, it’s pretty official the group has died, and fans sat in sadness waiting for any indication of comebacks and solo endeavors. Sunmi was the first one to really get that train going, starting late in the summer with her single release Gashina.

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Don’t Speak almost gets it right for Tiffany

Don’t Speak is a song from the group Far East Movement (the group that gave us the annoying Like A G6). Admittedly I heard the name Far East Movement and rolled my eyes, because of that song. However their latest album showed that they are definitely better than I expected. I am proud to be wrong. Their album is lined with many Asian singers, many from the K-music scene. Tiffany of SNSD assist with Don’t Speak with King Chain.Unfortunately the song and video focuses heavily on Tiffany, making this more of a moment for her.

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Jessica seems to breeze by with the light Wonderland

K Pop elite Jessica Jung has done what very few have done. After being removed from her own group in 2014, she has found her career in thriving form just two years later. At the beginning of the year she released her first ep With Love, J. While not my favorite, and far too cheesy of a song, Jessica did a great job of introducing herself to the Korean public.

Deciding to not let her music career die down, she released her second ep just this morning. A wintery mix called Wonderland, with a single titled the same thing.


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B.A.P. return to form with 10 minute video of Skydive

Boygroups are like a repellent for me. Boygroups who are “hip hop” concept are even worse. So it is already a struggle for me to care. With B.A.P. they have just kind of existed since I took noticed of them. They tend to dip between oyous frivilous pop sounds and more “edgier” darker melodies. But in all of it they tend to have a more lively feel to their music and grow with it. With this being their third comeback this year, it seems they are scratching off that bad boys kind of sound with Skydive.

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BlackPink’s comeback feels like an improvement

Only four months in, BlackPink have found success that should not be a surprise. Boombayah and Whistle were instant hits, with Whistle feeling more liked for the group. Now in November their return (in October), has two new songs that seem to have spun the group in a different direction.

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Playing With Fire

I’m gonna say it. Playing With Fire is the least interesting of the two. It’s not bad, and thankfully doesn’t feel like a rehash of YG’s past triumphs or mistakes.It actually sounds like something a non-YG group trying to emulate a YG group would do. I kind of wish they found a way to make Lisa work. As a rapper she is very green, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It would be interesting if they would just drop that and allow her to sing (Red Velvet technically have Irene, Yeri and Joy as rappers, but often let them sing). Other than that…Playing With Fire doesn’t do much positive or negative. It’s nice and the video makes the song worth it. That being said, as a stand alone I can’t really get myself to care.

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Late Review: Red Velvet plays with conforming on Russian Roulette

Red Velvet return with a new EP titled Russian Roulette, and led by the promptly titled song as well. Having started the year with the somber ballad One Of Those Nights, the group have returned to the fun brighter side of them with this comeback.

I like the song. It’s catchy enough, and fun. On to the important stuff though.

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TWICE’s TT ups consistency but lacks finesse

After having one of the most successful years I have ever seen, TWICE have returned with a new ep and title track titled TT. Based off the crying emoji T_T, the song tales a girl who wants more of a relationship that is obviously not coming.

As I write this (at 2:01 pm EST), I find myself still puzzled where I stand with this song. I like parts of it, dislike some and then not knowing exactly what to think about others.

At 6:05 PM EST, I think I have come to a conclusion.

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Yoon MiRae makes a pleasant with JamCome On Baby

Rapper-Songstress Yoon Mirae is kind of a standard as a rapper. She has the talent, wit and nice catalog to back her up. So much that someone on a show tried to cosplay as her to win. Still on the rarity that we get a Tasha (her other stage name) comeback, it’s always nice to be reminded of who the original is.

Before I get into everything I have to say: Jamcome Baby is a lovely song. It’s very old school R&B, neo-soul driven music about love. It’s kind of what you would expect from Lauryn Hill if she wasn’t late to the game or actually cared about her career anymore. Yoon Mirae sounds authentic over this song, and really makes for a pleasurable experience…

Also shout out to the Aretha Franklin shout out!

That being said…well…read more.

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