Laboum continue a successful streak with Hwi Hwi (Miss This Kiss)

Laboum have become a steady favorite for me. Since their debut they have released a stream of songs that have been catchy, fun and consistent. While still searching for that affirming throw into super stardom, they trek on with.

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Huzzy’s 20 songs of 2016: 20-16

It’s time to spread Christmas cheer with the start of my 2016 song list! K Pop has been a bit of a doozy, and I just want to end this year…as quickly as possible. Never the less it isn’t like I was left without new music to add to my own playlist…so here are my top songs of 2016…20-16 (laughs at my own corniness).

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but might as well…

  • These choices are my opinions
  • If your fave didn’t make it, ask yourself why you want my validation in the first place.
  • There is no real order except that the top ten were more played by me through the year. Other than that, their numerical status is more or less shallow.
  • Yes I am aware that this list is mostly women, I explained this in the intro post!
  • All of this will be linked to a special page coming soon!
  • Enjoy!


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Laboum’s Sugar Sugar is sweet but lacking

I don’t remember Laboum’s debut…it was probably something I did not particularly enjoy. Possibly too sugary with none of the required energy (I think them and Minx were true under dogs around that time though). However it was around the time that Red Velvet had come back that I started to want them back. Once again, I don’t remember what their debut looked like nor do I remember having any sort of opinion about it…but they seemed fun.
So…thankfully they returned..and leave a better impression.

Everything about Sugar Sugar is endearing to me…but I don’t really LOVE it. I think that’s the big problem. I like it, and I find it fun cute and positive, but…I will probably not remember this song by tomorrow. If I were to listen to this some more…probably be one of my favorites by the beginning of summer…but right now, not enough for me.

What Sugar Sugar lacks in impact, it makes up for just being cute and fun. I think what I like about this is that Laboum are giving you cute concept with their flavor. The problem is the flavor really isn’t developed. With groups like GFriend, Lovelyz and Red Velvet (Who teeter the cute line tbh) that have a more fleshed out ideas of their cutenessĀ (even if it is copied and paste), there is little time for Laboum to be trying to get it right.

Still the fun aspect of cuteness is their thing and helps them stand out, it’s only finding the right sound to go with it. They are entertaining (or at least the blonde one is), so why not have a song that makes it fun to be…well fun. Sugar Sugar is almost there. It is a 50’s-60’s inspired pop track, that feels like it could be catchy. The video is fun…and endearing. I just…it’s not enough.

Sugar Sugar isn’t bad, but it definitely lacks that concrete feelĀ that a lot of other rookie groups have brought. That can end up hurting them in the long run…as in they won’t have a long run.

A new group emerges into the arena..and I am okay without them.

Eh. The song is rather…simple to say the least. I am not asking for something to blow me out of the water to be honest, but this was weak for me. I do like the attempt of adding some edge musically, but it just felt dry overall.

The group, at this moment, does not stand out really. They feel way too similar. I don’t have mch to say for or against them. They exist right now, and okay…???

Obviously they are going the cute route, until that shows it is not working, and I predict their third single will go a more sexy image (that is if all the girls are within age)

Maybe their mini album brings something that this single didn’t.

Anyway Laboum is a thing, and if you like this…go for it.