So here is the thing…life sucks. I got hit hard last year and that slowed me down incredibly. I used to try and crank out reviews for songs as soon as possible, but I decided to give myself some time to make sure that I could fully dive into the song. And then that turned into me choosing between work, school, sleep and this blog so I obviously chose the more important ones. Anyway while song reviews are picking back up…album reviews have kind of fallen to the wayside.

This is going to be a long ass text post so here is the summary: Albums are long form, reviewing them takes time, I was cranking out reviews, A lot of albums sound the same to me and therefore are not worth the effort of writing about them.

Good Good? Yes

Let’s get into it.

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Let’s return to my 2015 predictions

So earlier in the year I had posted a little prediction’s list for 2015…well since most of the year is over…let’s look at what I thought/hoped would happen.

SNSD will do like two more albums over the course of their last three years, but mostly solo work and TTS is going to be the priority.

With the news that Taeyeon and Tiffany are getting solos (back to back) and a TTS comeback to immediately follow…kind of seeing this as only true. Outside of those three, we see ladies working to solidify their places. Yoona is getting roles in China. Hyoyeon has by far been the most active of the members in my opinion. Once again, this about them finding their places post SNSD, which will inevitably come. Have to admit though, they showed up for the last promo round. Apparently kicking out a member really motivates

f(x) won’t see an improvement group wise, continued emphasis on solo work, two solos, and Sulli will start to reappear.

I was kind of correct. Sulli did reappear…only to leave f(x). TBH good for her. I was banking on Luna getting a solo (especially with some of her newfound popularity from earlier in the year), but I was right about another musical (In The Heights). The emphasis on solo work has not been dropped. Victoria has missed several performances because of her out of group duties. Amber opened up a youtube. Luna had some good coverage in the beginning of the year (she attends a lot of events). Krystal has oddly been quiet, but that will probably change soon.

Red Velvet will be SM’s first time conforming for a hit in a good minute.

I was wrong with Ice Cream Cake, but Dumb Dumb is coming up so yeah (anticipate the teaser post). Still they got a hit off the song, a new group member, and several of the ladies are in the public awareness.

2ne1 will go on a long hiatus, solos for everyone (except Bom and Dara).

I was wrong here. CL and Dara are the only ones actually working. While CL is over here in the states simmering on a debut that is taking entirely too long considering what could have been done, Dara has managed to keep her name in the public awareness. Minzy is doing the same shit Yubin did, and is on this long ass vacation. Bom is still no where to be seen.

The new generation will rise, but Lee Hi and Akmu will be left behind.

I wasn’t wrong…Lee Hi’s next project will have less to do with YG and more to do with Epik High’s Tablo. Akdong Musician is…well…they are alive. Other than that, there has been emphasis on the return of Big Bang, and iKon (who are to debut soonish)

2PM won’t care about Korean releases when they can still get money anywhere else.

Called it. Though there was more technicalities than anything, 2PM’s still pretty much emphasizing solo work in Korea than group work. Their comeback sadly was only a week long, which is a shame because it was cute.

Got7 will cry at their first win…which will happen in 2015.

JYP has two confirmed music releases happening: Day6 and TWICE. I sincerely doubt they are just not going to have Got7 not release one thing for a win. If they don’t I was wrong, and it will be 2016 when JB and Jr. cry hugging each other.

Joo will get a chance out of the dungeon, but Baek Ah Yeon will have to take her place.

She got out of the dungeon alright…and moved her ass to Woolim…where she has not been seen yet. Also her replacement wasn’t Baek Ah Yeon, who managed herself a hit therefore proving her worth, but has sadly been Bernard and Baek Yerin.

Wonder Girls…

I was wrong. I am proud of that. What makes their comeback worth it is the fact that they knew they had to revitalize the brand. With the loss of vital members SUnye and SOhee (both popular, and one owas the main vocalist), this allowed the group to redefine who the Wonder Girls were…they did a damn good job with it too.

 Miss A will continue to be where they are no matter what.

Was not wrong here. Colors happened, and as soon as it was over, it was solo work for everyone…except Suzy at first (which casued a ruckus because lord knows Suzy is always waiting for a job). Now she is in talks for one so there’s that. Miss A are in the same boat as their inbetween sisters, 2ne1 and f(x). However I would wager that they could keep going for a little while longer.

15& and Bernard will be pushed over to ASC to continue collecting a check for JYP.

I wasn’t wrong. Jimin is over at ASC. Bernard pops up on occasion in someone’s instagram. Yerin is…well…she is alive.

Apink’s next album will be a full one, with a new look and sound.

I was wrong. Sadly I was so wrong. Remember has a catchy chorus, but that song is garbage. What’s worse is that during their concert series (that is looking like a tour now), they solo performances were very mature. Namjoo performed Dirrty by Christina Aguilera, and one a place in my heart because of it. Sadly Acube is too invested in this image that is will no longer be viable with all the fresh, younger girl groups out.

G.Na will continue to be pretty and slightly overrated, but no musical growth.

II’m not wrong, but she has done nothing this year so…eh.

4Minute=That subunit that happened in 2013 and three Hyuna projects…also a full album comeback.

The year is not over yet, but so far: we have another EP in Crazy and Hyuna’s ep A+…we got a couple of months so…

The end of an era will begin (aka Sistar will start to bow out group wise).

I’m…wrong? We got a new ep with Shake It…but that’s it groupwise. Dasom did get another acting role, but it was more of a comedy, which she is getting some praise for. Bora is doing exactly what I expected from her. Hyorin’s…well Hyorin is working on tinkering her image and brand. I still bet new music is coming from her. Soyu hasn’t put out anything by herself yet, but I still see it coming.

StarshipX will find success in their underground hitmakers.

Starship doesn’t know how to do shit right…but like okay.

BigHit will continue to act like there are not other people in their company other than BTS.


Teen Top’s Niel will continues to look like an emaciated Taemin, do exactly what Taemin did in his debut, but it will be better.

I was wrong

Crayon Pop and Exid slay, but people will be super obtuse about it.

Exid slayed, Crayon Pop didn’t…yet.

Girl groups are going to fight to the death for some of the top and second spots.

This is really an ongoing one tbh.

So yeah that’s it. I was wrong. I may end up updating this once again in December, but yeah…this is fun!