EXID’s Night Rather Than Day is a soft but dynamic return

EXID are the group that have a tenuous but positive relationship with. While I have liked a majority of their releases, I have never truly committed myself to the group as a fan would. Instead I eagerly await for their return with hopes that this would be the one. Their last song LIE, left me befuddled and not amused, and only at the last minute did I find the song anywhere near charming. For 2017 they come back with a switch once again.

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Exid releases the teaser to their upcoming comeback

After last year, Exid have been on the up and up with the release of UP and Down. Origianlly I didn’t have many positive thoughts of the song, but after a few listens I kind of changed my tune. Nevertheless Up & Down helped the group gain popularity. And they have done a good job milking it. I have seen Hani quite a bit, and the other girls as well (outside of like three of them…no names).

Anyway, the big question for this group now is if they can strike hot twice. The delayed reaction to Up & Down helped get them a chance to make a bigger impression, will it be worth it?

Judging from the teaser…it kind of sounds a little like Up & Down. God bless.

The video looks like it is going to be fun to watch…eh well.

This does feel like it’s going for the make the statement that we the shit and we here to snatch a top spot to be honest. Which could work for them as a group. Maybe they don’t need to go the extra mile. I’m not saying they are not going that extra mile, but this feels like they are hoping for a repeat success with something they have already brought.

BUT it is just a teaser. And it sounds like it’s going to be catchy. So whatever.


Exid returns with Up and Down.

The only thing I know about Exid is that three of the members bounced and became Bestie (with one new girl). So this is my first true encounter with them as a group. To be honest, I wanted to like the song so much…but the chorus…just bummed me out. Not terrible, but you hear the verses, and I was just partying, but then I hear the chorus, and I am like “uhm…I guess?”

The verses are strong, and their rappers were not terrible. The chorus was eh.

The music video was standard. A lot of phallic imagery (the title of the song is called Up and Down). There were some fun moments, and other moments where it was just eh.

I don’t hate it…but…eh. That’s a how I feel about the entire thing. The song isn’t bad, but what built me was lost in the part of the song I was going to remember. The video was okay and someone is going to like it, but I was over it as soon as it finished.