Pristin’s Wee Woo is mix bag of a debut

Pristin are the latest girl group to debut. Teasing of the group came last year, in the midst of two of their members succeeding in finding fame in K Pop with the MNET super group IOI. Making sure to multi task the efforts, Pledis put in work to get the group ready for debut doing concerts, fan releases, and a pre release to get the group ready. Finally in March, Pristin debuted with Wee Woo.

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Blackpink debut with a double release

Finally, after seven years, YG has debuted a new girl group, BlackPink. The news for the group had arose around 2012…and been through a couple of false starts (more than likely they started the training process for the official group in 2012 but whatever).

Anyway on August 8, AT 8 PM KST, BlackPink came to the world with a double release.

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A long and extensive TWICE teaser post

So in Five days, JYPE will officially debut their latest group, the reality show made girl group, TWICE. As such they have begun their promo train, releasing teasers for their nearing debut. I had promised to do a teaser post for them, and with all their individual teasers released, I think it is time to bring it all together!

TWICE group shot
TWICE Group Shot

First off there was a schedule released:

Twice promo schedule teaser

Then came their tracklist:


A lot of these songs we have heard before: Truth, Do It Again, and Must Be Crazy. I personally have grown to like them, yet am thankful none of them are the single.

We have gone through most of the teasers already.

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Also there is their video teasers which hint at a lot of things going on.

This is all ten teasers, from their individual videos (and zombie companions) to their most recent release from today that shows them dancing in front of a broken down carny bus.

We still have six days left of teasers and I am kind of excited. Hopefully they release another one at noon (KST, 11 pm over where I’m at).

To finish off this post I want to do a little thing where I guess their positions!

Nayeon: Main/Lead Vocalist, Face of the group

Jungyeon: Lead Vocalist

MoMo: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Sana: Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper

Jihyo: Leader (confirmed), Main Vocalist

Mina: Lead/Main Dancer, Vocalist

Dahyun: Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Chaeyoung: Main Rapper, Vocalist

Tzuyu: Visual, Vocalist

I generally tend to leave certain roles out because eh. But…might as well get into the K Pop spirit. TWICE seems like their debut is going to go well. The biggest thing is their song being likable by the public. While we can try to look at typical patterns, sometimes that one off song can come in and win. We don’t have enough to worry about it. From my end, I just want to like it. If I like it, I will support them (they already got me in their corner with three of their songs anyway).

TWICE makes their official debut October 20.


Sources: TWICE official Facebook page, jypentertainment Youtube 



Nicole is about to come and slay after departing.

I just…just watch.

This speaks to me on such a level. This sounds like a bop.  I just…I have never been this into a teaser in my life.

This sounds like late 80, early 90’s house music. Which means there will hopefully be a dance.

I want my life to be snatched, and reshaped, and for me to be a better person because of it.

However this is just a teaser, and God forbid…this song ends up sounding like a damn dud.

Praying this turns out like I hope it does

Nicole will be releasing a mini album to accompany MAMA (titled that)…I do not know when, but on the video post I will.


A new group emerges into the arena..and I am okay without them.

Eh. The song is rather…simple to say the least. I am not asking for something to blow me out of the water to be honest, but this was weak for me. I do like the attempt of adding some edge musically, but it just felt dry overall.

The group, at this moment, does not stand out really. They feel way too similar. I don’t have mch to say for or against them. They exist right now, and okay…???

Obviously they are going the cute route, until that shows it is not working, and I predict their third single will go a more sexy image (that is if all the girls are within age)

Maybe their mini album brings something that this single didn’t.

Anyway Laboum is a thing, and if you like this…go for it.

Winner debuts with the same song twice

So…Winner has finally debuted. After almost a year of waiting, and speculating, and reality tv, the group has come to true fruition with their first album.

To promote said album, we are given two different singles and videos. First Empty and Color Ring

Why did they think this was a good idea?

Empty and Color Ring are essentially the same song and video…

Just one would have been suffice. Anyway, they are not terrible. Far from it, they actually are good. Just very safe. I feel like that is the word to best describe this. I don’t see anything wrong with going with a ballad as your very first song. But please let it stand out. That goes for any song. Go hard, or hopefully do better the next time.

Anyway, I don’t see anything wrong with this…I other than there being two of them. They have been doing well on the charts (heard they got that PAK), have a sizable fanbase already, and apparently the album is good.

While this may not have been the most dynamic introductions, I do think this allows them to somewhat standout. They giving you pop goes the Aubrey Graham (them sad ass emotional half sung, half rapped songs).

But yay…Winner debuted. Album is out. I may or may not listen to it.

Taemin is a tease for his upcoming solo debut (pics, info, and thoughts)

So remember when I posted about Taemin and his solo…well after a long agonizing wait (for others I really don’t care), SM has blessed us with some teasers.

Alright time for a slide show, and some info.

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KuzzReviews: Hyomin’s solo debut should have never happened.

I will come out and say that I am not a fan of T-Ara. It has nothing to do with their struggles, but more so having to deal with me not caring about them. I am okay with that. Apparently they have good music, so maybe one day I will get into them. I don’t know.

However I am going to use their solo moments as a way to say I am getting to know them.

First was Jiyeon who gave us the sultry, but very depressing 1min 1sec, which was a part of a three song mini album called Never Ever. The ep was nice, and followed the main theme of heartbreak, however each song had a different feel to it. I appreciated that ep, and wished it did well.

T-Ara’s second attempt at a solo debut comes in the form of Hyomin. This time she is giving a more positive vibe musically.

But was it worth it?

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