Eunji brings a nice comfort with The Spring

Last year Eunji introduced herself as a soloist with the sweet but rather middling track Hopefully Sky. After a year of work, she has returned with another on track release, The Spring.

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Huzzy’s 20 songs of 2016: 15-11

We are back with part 2 of a 4 part series. Once again 2016 has been a surprising meh year, but I found some gems that I did indeed like. Sadly once again, I did not get the full spectrum of music in 2016, so this list is heavy on established idols. Hopefully next year this will be remedied.

As always:

  • Opinions
  • The order is non-existent except for the fact that the top 10 were played more throughout the year for me.
  • The list is mostly women…hopefully next year I won’t think boygroups are releasing crap.
  • A special link will be available for this list in the upcoming future


If you want to read the last entries, click here!


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APink brings nothing to the table with Remember

This summer hasn’t been the best in terms of music. While I liked a lot of it, I do feel like it could be a bit more on the exceptional side. Still I am hoping for someone to join 9Muses in bringing something big…obviously APink doesn’t want to be a part of that.

Apink suffer from the same thing Sistar does. They are stuck in an image/sound/concept that has lost all appeal due to excessive use. For APink there was the problem that a lot of people outside of their fanbase did not even remotely care for it anyway (for various reasons). Still at least the songs were nice…or I thought so. And I was hoping for them to move past their cute/safe/boring image that they have had. Hell I thought with this comeback we would finally get past that. Did not happen.

The song doesn’t even make sense. It feels so off and misplaced. Like what about this song actually makes sense? The lyrics are both vague and choppy. Now I know I shouldn’t care about lyrics because they are translated and often times lose a lot in translation. Even the best of translation can never hold a candle to the original meaning. But here…no thank you. Like what the fuck am I supposed to remember? Like girl you just sound bent out of shape over nothing sis. And musically it just feels…like the only parts I am aware of are the verses and the chorus. That’s it. But there is so much to this song. The song starts off with what sounds like something out of a music box, which is actually the best part of this song (plus Eunji, but that’s a given). And then goes into the monstrosity of which I can only assume is based off of something in Japan.

And the part of the song that people should have to remember (the chorus) is not catchy enough to make me forget the rest of this song exist. This is essentially a lazy effort that doesn’t add up well. Even when the beat drops suddenly, which I am assuming was supposed to be some of shit moment, I am still left in a bored stupor waiting for something to actually happen.

The only upside to this is that the video makes them look their age, even though they are doing that let’s
“fake having fun in various places, even though we are completely alone”, and the colors are saturated to make everything look more pleasant than it probably is.


Apink return with LUV (spelled out L.O.V.E. when they sing it though)

There were two come backs that actually caught my attention. The GDYB thing…which will get its own post, and this.

Let’s just dive on in to LUV

I’m not going to act like I don’t like the song.

I do. It’s kind of a lowkey bop. They are still clinging on to that bubblegum pop sound of the early 2000’s, but it’s working for them.

I also want to discuss how they managed to do a bright song, but still have a mature vibe about it. Yes it is basically a ballad sped up(the entire way this song was approached gives me Korean ballad vibes)

Naeun’s little add on to the chorus is my favorite part of the song. I kind of wish Eunji didn’t just die off in the song. She is only prevalent on the chorus, and gets a section on the bridge, but instead of giving us some cute high notes, Chorong just replaces her on her original part, with no flutters or flitters in the forms of ad libs. And they gonna act like it didn’t happen.

Overall LUV is fun. I love the beat, I love how the song is handled for the most part. I really don’t have any complaints. I think Apink got a nice thing going here. Also they did a much more somber song, neatly wrapped in a bright paper…which is giving me hints of diversity…AND…it is not in them damn school girl outfits.