N. Flying are confident with their new song Hot Potato

2018 I promised myself to do more boygroup reviews, and of course K Pop says prove it with this release. The only reason I know of N.Flying is that they were a less than stellar debut a couple of years back. Just didn’t pull in the attention at the time. Well thankfully they pushed through, and have come back with Hot Potato.

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MoMoLand give the year a great start with Bboom Bboom

Happy new year to everyone! With a new year comes a fresh start to the musical landscape of sorts. One of the first acts to make their return is the group MoMoland. MoMoland is a group birthed during the survival show era, unfortunately their show didn’t pull the numbers that the big leagues have. Still they have come through with several likable songs, including last years Freeze (a personal fave of mine). In 2017, they saw a member rise to popularity as a sort of musical meme, and it would seem said change has affected their comeback choice with Bboom Bboom.

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2017 In review: A look at my past predictions

Well guess who is back…once again. The end of the year has come and a lot has happened. Unfortunately in the past week, Kim Jonghyun of SHINee passed away. His family and friends are in my thoughts, and I am hoping that from this a bigger discussion of mental health and suicide prevention takes place.

2017 has been a very weird year. I won’t say that it has been great, but it has been transformative. This blog takes the usual hit because I have a life I am trying to expand upon (a career and such). Still I kept up with all the k pop I could, and I have to do my end of year pieces as a sort of reflection.

Before you read this, you can read my predictions from last year here!

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Gashina proves to be a twist on Sunmi’s already offbeat brand

Sunmi has made her first comeback in three years as a soloist. What was she doing? Well between 205-2017, Sunmi had returned to her former idol group Wonder Girls, and helped revitalize their career and image. Of course after giving us two really good releases, the group decides to split up just shy of their 10 year anniversary. With two members have left JYPE, it’s pretty official the group has died, and fans sat in sadness waiting for any indication of comebacks and solo endeavors. Sunmi was the first one to really get that train going, starting late in the summer with her single release Gashina.

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Red Velvet’s Red Flavor affirms a good year

Red Velvet have been on a meandering path to a single form. In the past the group took to splitting their image between bright and vibrant pop and more demure mid tempo R&B retreads. This has since stop for their last three projects, where they have come back more affirmatively on the bright pop side. Russian Roulette was a standard attempt at the typical cute group look. Rookie was a fun track that was betrayed by SM’s attempts to maintain a weird idea of Red Velvet. With Red Flavor, we see the group return to a modified version of 2014

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EXID’s Night Rather Than Day is a soft but dynamic return

EXID are the group that have a tenuous but positive relationship with. While I have liked a majority of their releases, I have never truly committed myself to the group as a fan would. Instead I eagerly await for their return with hopes that this would be the one. Their last song LIE, left me befuddled and not amused, and only at the last minute did I find the song anywhere near charming. For 2017 they come back with a switch once again.

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NiNaNo is a mild intro for Minzy the soloist

Minzy has finally debuted as a soloist with her debut track NiNaNo, which serves as the lead single of her EP Minzy Work 01 Uno. As a relatively high profile act coming from one of the biggest K pop acts, and having started opening herself up to the masses proper, there was a bit of excitement for Minzy’s debut. In the last…three or four months, her company has managed to create an image for an idol that spent a majority of her career strategically out of arms reach (for better and worse). With most of the work settled in, all that was needed was for the actual debut…and here it is.

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