2017 In review: A look at my past predictions

Well guess who is back…once again. The end of the year has come and a lot has happened. Unfortunately in the past week, Kim Jonghyun of SHINee passed away. His family and friends are in my thoughts, and I am hoping that from this a bigger discussion of mental health and suicide prevention takes place.

2017 has been a very weird year. I won’t say that it has been great, but it has been transformative. This blog takes the usual hit because I have a life I am trying to expand upon (a career and such). Still I kept up with all the k pop I could, and I have to do my end of year pieces as a sort of reflection.

Before you read this, you can read my predictions from last year here!

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Huzzy’s 20 songs of 2016: 10-6


It’s New Years Eve, where I am so I refuse to acknowledge that day until tomorrow! With only two post left for this, I want to have both up before Midnight. The top 5 will be up later on tonight (I just got to add links and edit), just before New Years! Y’all be safe, and read this post!

As always:


Post for 15-11 and 20-16!


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Huzzy’s 20 songs of 2016: 15-11

We are back with part 2 of a 4 part series. Once again 2016 has been a surprising meh year, but I found some gems that I did indeed like. Sadly once again, I did not get the full spectrum of music in 2016, so this list is heavy on established idols. Hopefully next year this will be remedied.

As always:

  • Opinions
  • The order is non-existent except for the fact that the top 10 were played more throughout the year for me.
  • The list is mostly women…hopefully next year I won’t think boygroups are releasing crap.
  • A special link will be available for this list in the upcoming future


If you want to read the last entries, click here!


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Huzzy’s 20 songs of 2016: 20-16

It’s time to spread Christmas cheer with the start of my 2016 song list! K Pop has been a bit of a doozy, and I just want to end this year…as quickly as possible. Never the less it isn’t like I was left without new music to add to my own playlist…so here are my top songs of 2016…20-16 (laughs at my own corniness).

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but might as well…

  • These choices are my opinions
  • If your fave didn’t make it, ask yourself why you want my validation in the first place.
  • There is no real order except that the top ten were more played by me through the year. Other than that, their numerical status is more or less shallow.
  • Yes I am aware that this list is mostly women, I explained this in the intro post!
  • All of this will be linked to a special page coming soon!
  • Enjoy!


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Huzzy’s 20 favorite songs of 2016…is coming



And Happy Holidays!

Anyway, K pop for 2016 has come to an end. Anyone debuting now is pretty much for 2017, which means I will be ignoring them…until like New Years Eve.

But with the year coming to an end, there needs to be a moment of reflection. If I had to sum up 2016 for K Pop it would be okay. A B-. That’s not bad, it technically is a B. I just wasn’t fully invested as I could have been. Mostly the year has been an arms race for the new generation. The boygroups are still struggling for a name while groups like Got7 (somewhat), BTS (ESPECIALLY BTS) and EXO still ruled the game. We saw the returns of B.A.P. which did as well as it could have. The biggest male release was Big Bang and even then…a year too late if you asked most.

The ladies of K pop are seemingly doing much better. Mostly this is in the new generations realm, with GFriend, BlackPink, ioi and TWICE having exceptional years while girl groups like Laboum, Oh My Girl and Lovelyz kept the train going with strong releases and careful harvesting of notoriety.

Overall 2016 wasn’t a bad year, just not very exceptional. I think it was the lack of older big name groups. No f(x), no SNSD, one Wonder Girls release  that was big, but really could have used a follow up…and from the guys…I don’t care.

Still I liked enough songs to create a list of 20(!). The first post will be available later on today! But for now, here are some songs that didn’t make the list for various reasons.

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So here is the thing…life sucks. I got hit hard last year and that slowed me down incredibly. I used to try and crank out reviews for songs as soon as possible, but I decided to give myself some time to make sure that I could fully dive into the song. And then that turned into me choosing between work, school, sleep and this blog so I obviously chose the more important ones. Anyway while song reviews are picking back up…album reviews have kind of fallen to the wayside.

This is going to be a long ass text post so here is the summary: Albums are long form, reviewing them takes time, I was cranking out reviews, A lot of albums sound the same to me and therefore are not worth the effort of writing about them.

Good Good? Yes

Let’s get into it.

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Comeback Round Up: Cosmic Girls make better with Secret

So earlier in August I talked about WJSN’s comeback with the addition of Yeonjung (of Producer 101 and special project IOI). Ultimately I thought the group would benefit in terms of some noteriety but it would boil down to Starship to actively promote them…

Anyway lets talk about the comeback that I have missed.

Here is the video

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Final 2015 prediction results

The end of the year is here, and that means a new set of predictions will be on the way. Until I then, enjoy me coming back to my old 2015 predictions for your enjoyment!

Here is the old post ( do not click any of the links)

SNSD will do like two more albums over the course of their last three years, but mostly solo work and TTS is going to be the priority.

Still right on this. Despite doing an extensive promo run for Lion Heart, TTS still feels more emphasized than ever (well Tiffany and Taeyeon do…). Next year I see one more album and a lot of individual work with TTS on the forefront. Be on the look out for Tiffany’s solo work.

f(x) won’t see an improvement group wise, continued emphasis on solo work, two solos, and Sulli will start to reappear.

Sulli left, no solos beyond Amber, and 4Walls felt more like a unified effort for the group…even if the album was below standards. Anyway I don’t see the group going on much longer,

Red Velvet will be SM’s first time conforming for a hit in a good minute.

And I was wrong. Both Ice Cream Cake and Dumb Dumb were atypical K Pop songs, that did wonders for the group (as well as Yeri, Irene, and Joy’s solo stuff). Now that we know SM can find a style for the group, it will

2ne1 will go on a long hiatus, solos for everyone (except Bom and Dara).

That hiatus part was true. Ultimately people are just waiting for CL to fail, nevermind that it is going to take longer to get her going in the states. Still on the Korean side of things, Dara has been keeping herself busy. Minzy is twerking for Jesus, but not on any shows which is sad. Bom finally made an appearance out in the world, and was welcomed with open (but very criticial of her looks) arms.

The new generation will rise, but Lee Hi and Akmu will be left behind.

It’s the end of 2015 and Akmu only did some tourist song…so yeah…iKon, CL and Big Bang were the top priorities over at YG, and yeah…if you not on YG’s love list you are kind of fucked. Hopefully 2016 will see rebirth of those two acts. Winner is coming back and they are the antithesis to the usual YG boygroup…

2PM won’t care about Korean releases when they can still get money anywhere else.

My House was left in the dust for big money else where. Japan solo tours for Wooyoung, Junho and Jun. K, Taecyeon, Chansung and Nichkhun did the variety/acting work. These guys pretty much won’t have to do extensive Korean promotion as a group unless necessary.

Got7 will cry at their first win…which will happen in 2015.

Got7 won their first award, but JB nad Jr. didn’t cry so it obviously doesn’t count.

Joo will get a chance out of the dungeon, but Baek Ah Yeon will have to take her place.

Joo left and has done nothing but one single. Baek Ah Yeon got herself a musical stint playing Cinderella, and if all else…will probably come back in 2016 with another Starbucks rack track. Baek Yerin escaped her fate with a well received EP. Bernard just resurfaced at a JYP concert…but I am not 100% sure that wasn’t a life size poster.

Wonder Girls…

The revitalization of the Wonder Girls made it worth it to be wrong. Not only did the group come back with a well liked album and single, it seems like they are stronger in reception (thanks Yubin). My guess is that the group will come back next year with an EP, but we are also getting HA:TFELT and Sunmi solo albums, with a Yubin release for good measure.

 Miss A will continue to be where they are no matter what.

Colors happened. Only You was a hit…and then nothing. Jia did more work. Fei went home I guess…I don’t know she disappeared. Suzy took a break, but seems to be back on her grind. And Min gained weight and was dragged for a mess of a performance on some random singing show. Ultimately my bets are this group is going to start fading away because of a certain group…

15& and Bernard will be pushed over to ASC to continue collecting a check for JYP.

Well I was wrong…sort of. Jimin got a permanent slot on ASC and has been getting better over there. Bernard did that one song for a Hyundai commercial with Jimin…Yerin took time for herself, came back and gave us a made for Starbucks rack track album…which slayed.

Apink’s next album will be a full one, with a new look and sound.

Apink didn’t do it this year, but I can feel it coming. Ultimately all the girls are now of age, and the older ones are probably sick of the pastel sounds. In retrospect Remember wasn’t complete garbage nor was it completely cute…but I feel it in my bones that Apink are about to recreate Girl’s Day’s Expectations

G.Na will continue to be pretty and slightly overrated, but no musical growth.

Still not wrong, even with her not doing anything.

4Minute=That subunit that happened in 2013 and three Hyuna projects…also a full album comeback.

I was wrong, and my punishment is them working with Skrillex for their awaited comeback.

The end of an era will begin (aka Sistar will start to bow out group wise).

I was wrong…for the most part. Shake It happened and nobody wanted it. I think the last half of 2015 was supposed to be Soyu and Hyorin rising but shit happens. Shit being Hyorin doing less than average on a show that she had no business being on (she hardly brought drama and her intended purpose was to be controversial…and then Truedy happened)…also Soyu’s back injury caused her to bow out in the middle of what probably would have been Some part 2. With Soyu still being out of commission, Sistar are not attending the End of Year events (more reason for me to not watch), and their comeback will be pushed back because Hyorin cannot carry the group like that. Also yeah still end of an era because Starship have been releasing teasers for their KoreanxChinese 12 member girl group.

StarshipX will find success in their underground hitmakers.

Jooyoung ain’t do shit, Junggigo ain’t do shit. But Mad Clown did and people liked it…so…can’t be mad.

BigHit will continue to act like there are not other people in their company other than BTS.


Teen Top’s Niel will continues to look like an emaciated Taemin, do exactly what Taemin did in his debut, but it will be better.

I was wrong

Crayon Pop and Exid slay, but people will be super obtuse about it.

People have opened their eyes to Exid so no problems there. Crayon Pop got pushed to the side despite FM being decent. Ultimately their image is very novelty despite its uniqueness, which proves that the masses don’t line fun/new shit, and girl groups will be better off just conforming to the sexist standards (cute/sexy dichotomy)

Girl groups are going to fight to the death for some of the top and second spots.

I mean this was a given. 2015 did give us some new competitors though…and trust…it’s gonna be lit in 2016

Anyway that is it for this. The new one will be up soon enough. Hopefully I will not flake…