2018 Review Rush: WJSN’s Dreams Come True

I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat this: of all the groups that I keep track of, WJSN really left me  disappointed the most. After such a potentially definitive moment that Secret created (the group was able to introduce 13th member and ioi elite Yeonjeung into the fold almost seamlessly on a space vibe pop ballad), the group managed to actually fumble the ball with Tell Me Why. Tell Me Why managed to keep aspects of Secret but with a lighter sugary pop sound. I don’t oppose the more cute sounds that K Pop love, however Tell Me Why didn’t live up to the hype. They then came back with Happy, which was…well it was eh. Both songs were more or less okay, but after Secret, I didn’t want anything else (although I will say Happy found itself on playlist later on in the year). Well WJSN decided to start 2018 with a bang and Dreams Come True was born.

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2018 Review Rush: Fromis_9 Debut with To Heart+ DKDK (Second Single)

Fromis (_9) are the result of yet another survival show titled Idol School (hence the name From…I(dol) S(chool). When the show came out I swore against it like I did both Produce 101 and whatever ilk spawned beyond that. Unfortunately I ended up getting invested in the show and some of the contestants (many of my choices NOT making the group), but now I am invested in the group as well. Needless to say I knew the group would end up being cute (a school concept…please).

Because I am in such a rush review wise, I decided to combine both their 2018 releases into one review. To Heart and DKDK (which is just Pitapat).

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2018 Review Rush: Gugudan’s The Boots

2017 turned out to be interesting for Gugudan musically. Their first (and so far strongest release) was the fast paced charging song about vanity A Girl Like Me. Turned out to be one of my favorite songs of 2017. Their second full group (Well partially, one member had to sit out) was the turn to quirky cute Chococo. I will admit to letting the visuals deter me as the song was not bad at all. Overall Gugudan has been one of the stronger groups musically in my opinion when it comes to singles (yes I will defend Wonderland). Still what this does show me is that the group are trying to achieve that balancing act of multiple concepts for varying appeal. For 2017 the group make their way back to a more sophisticated image with The Boots.

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2018 Review Rush: Weki Meki’s La La La

Weki Meki were one of last years’ bigger debuts, sauntering onto the scene with the overly eclectic (rather confusing) but somewhat charming I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend. Admittedly I found the song confounding and tiresome with the repeated changes in structure, and lack of workable chorus to justify the song’s actions. However I thought the group started on a bright spot with at least differentiating themselves with a more aggressive concept for their debut. Thankfully the group made a move to return with a new song.

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JBJ’s My Flower is likable

If you were to ask me who JBJ is, I would block you. I don’t know. I can’t even tell you when they debuted (I’m guessing either last year or late 2016). Boy groups are a mystery to me at this point. If you not from an already established group, I barely have time for them.

Still I said 2018 I was going to flesh out my listening, so here we go. JBJ’s new song My Flower.

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Sunmi’s Heroine builds fantasticly but stops short of a perfect payoff

After 2017, Sunmi proved to be a bit of a force. Gashina kept the tradition of dance worthy songs, that played into the weird and quirk while feeding into the K pop trend of trop house. Now it is 2018, and instead of making us wait forever, Sunmi is back with a new single Heroine.

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Infinite’s Tell Me tries to combine pop feelings with angst

The last time I spoke about Infinite I had someone mad I didn’t write out a glowing review of a song I didn’t like (instead I just said I didn’t care for it and posted the video, and didn’t tag it). So here is my first review of Infinite’s new song Tell Me.

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Stray Kids Grrr is a no for me

I have little to no tolerance for boygroups. I just don’t care. Still I said 2018 I would review more boy groups, so here I am.

JYPE is getting ready for a new boygroup called Stray Kids. The predebut promo campaign has been really solid. They had a reality show which went the sad journey and hardships  route to secure fans (fans love to romanticize a struggle and hardship), and have been releasing music since late last year. As a boygroup the best thing they can do is amass as many fans as possible, and I think they have been doing a decent job all things considered. I personally don’t give a fuck, but it is what it is.

Their latest song release is Grrr, which is a performance video.

I’m gonna cut to the chase and say this is a no for me. I personally do not like this particular style of music. It’s the over dramatic trying to be hard and dangerous and cutting edge thing K Pop loves to do with boygroups. There is also a heavy focus on rappers, and K pop rappers just not it for me. Even the talented ones. I’m assuming they are going the exact opposite direction that Got7 started with (they were a lot more lighter and fun). Also I read the lyrics and this…is…well…it’s still a no.

Overall goodluck to whatever the final version of the group is to look like. I’ll be waiting for their official release, and the next JYP girl group (lil Chae sis deserves tbh).

Old Reviews: Fromis_9 Glass Shoes

Editor’s Note: I wrote this very quickly and to get things out of the way.

After a certain survival show, I had refused to entertain another one. I skipped both seasons of Produce 101, and am barely keeping up with The Unit (there are a couple of people I like on there). Still Idol School came, and several former JYP Trainess of a certain show were putting their hats into the race. In the end only one of them made it to the end, and I swore I wasn’t going to care about another group.

Obviously things don’t go how you want them.

Glass Shoes is a pre-release track for Fromis_9, and their debut is likely going to happen in February. I almost feel bad that this isn’t the debut because it is a likable song. You could probably pop into any faded pastel cute girl group and find an iteration of this exact song. It’s nothing new, or groundbreaking. But in the efforts of keeping it simple they created something that I liked. The highlights have to be the hook section which gives a sort of whimsical nature to the song, and the actual chorus which has that understated drive. That drive only becomes prominent in the final chorus where the song gets the most modest of kicks to make the song not feel flat.

Overall it is a likable effort. I am sure people are tired of the cute concept. I do think it is coming to a close, but fromis_9 made a decent effort with this one.

Glass Shoes is available online for streaming and digital download.