2018 Review Rush: Weki Meki’s La La La

Weki Meki were one of last years’ bigger debuts, sauntering onto the scene with the overly eclectic (rather confusing) but somewhat charming I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend. Admittedly I found the song confounding and tiresome with the repeated changes in structure, and lack of workable chorus to justify the song’s actions. However I thought the group started on a bright spot with at least differentiating themselves with a more aggressive concept for their debut. Thankfully the group made a move to return with a new song.

La La La does not do too much different than the group’s debut song. In terms of tone, the song has that same schoolyard aggressiveness. It’s a likable form of immaturity that doesn’t feel sensationalized. By that I don’t feel like this is the standard version of youth that we see played out in K pop. It is very youthful and fun, however with a bit of an attitude. Weki Meki are marketing the “girl crush” in a less standard way. The girl crush concept is essentially viewed as the girl group answer to what is more typical in boy groups. Usually more aggressive dancing, a reliance on “Hip-hop” musically. There are very few successful girl crush concepts for many reasons. Weki Meki seem to have forgone with a lot of the motifs, and made it more youthful and vibrant. With La La La, there is this sort of playful taunting that defines this perfectly, particularly during the la la la’s in the chorus. The group sound fun and energetic at the very least, and on a song that sticks to the same format throughout (something IDLYG refused to do).

While I do appreciate the effort that the group is taking to stick to their guns conceptually (yes it is only single 2), I did not find myself completely in love with the song. In fact, I found it to be a little less memorable than their previous effort, which was simply chaotic. Simply to put the song doesn’t stick to the bones. It doesn’t feel meaty, and it’s chorus, while creating the atmosphere, just wasn’t my favorite. I definitely think this song is better, just off the bases of being more coherent. However I think they went a little too safe in an effort to make up for the last time (or the producers did).

Weki Meki have a lot going on for them as a group. Conceptually they stand out, and with the fact that they have two former IOI members on their side, they might have some public regard to their name, if only meager recognition. And to the merit of the song, La La La is far more tolerable than IDLYG. That being said, it doesn’t hold me enough. Hopefully the group gets it right. The objective of the group conceptually is to be fun and youthful while maintaining an edge often associated with the “girl crush” concept. If they manage to continue the trend of improvements, single number 3 may be the one for me.

Weki Meki released their second EP LUCKY February 21, 2018. It is available on all platforms for digital and streaming service.


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