Oh My Girls Secret Garden

Oh My Girl is a group that I absolutely appreciate, almost to the point that I would consider myself a fan. I like their music. Conceptually I think they are one of the strongest to come out of the new generation. I haven’t followed their official accounts, or a reputable fanpage just yet, so I don’t consider myself there just yet. I just need one more great musical release (Closer, Liar Liar, Windy Day have all been solid efforts from them).

When it comes to Oh My Girl, they seem to be at their best when creating this sort of atmospheric fairytale. Songs like Closer and Windy Day truly represent this otherworldly vibe musically, despite being two very different songs. Even with Liar Liar and Coloring Book, you get a sense of wonder. Secret Garden falls into that very category with it’s simmering romantic sound. It has enough of that swaying like brightness to be melodic, while maintaining status as an uptempo track. The song’s highlight is truly the chorus, where everything feels like it spreads. By far my favorite thing is Seunghee, who is a tiny powerhouse, singing the chorus with what I perceive as a somber longing. It’s a nice contrast to the more sweet and romantic hope that the other girls sing with.

While I have grown fond of the song, it does not get a perfect score. The biggest fault is pretty much the verses and prechorus. The build feels nonexistent, despite there being a difference from the chorus. In comparison to Closer which keeps a consistentĀ  approach throughout most of the song sans its well down breakdown, Secret Garden strives for a building approach. Unfortunately everything before the chorus just feels a tad boring in comparison.

Secret Garden is a lovely return for a group I am actually ready to fully support. While it doesn’t hit that spot that some of their other songs have managed, it does maintain a consistent form for Oh My Girl with their fairy tale whimsical nature.

Oh My Girl have returned with a new album Secret Garden. Available on digital and streaming platforms.

Sources: 1theK


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