JBJ’s My Flower is likable

If you were to ask me who JBJ is, I would block you. I don’t know. I can’t even tell you when they debuted (I’m guessing either last year or late 2016). Boy groups are a mystery to me at this point. If you not from an already established group, I barely have time for them.

Still I said 2018 I was going to flesh out my listening, so here we go. JBJ’s new song My Flower.

The entirety of My Flower from song to video, just gives this air of likable kids having fun. It’s supposed to be youthful (Almost childish), colorful and completely lacking in a serious nature. It’s the song you want to play without any regret. And it does the job. I don’t love it mostly because it does lack a certain punch. There is also the issue with the chorus feeling a little bland and the switch in melody in the chorus was so subtle that it wasn’t worth caring about yet also annoying in messing with the groove. Also drops and music breaks are so in norm for K Pop that they almost feel lazy and in some cases, sound the same.

I hate relaying comebacks to seasons a lot of the time, but something about this song would have made the perfect summer song (with some tweaks). It is light and bright in the way that makes it easy to digest and quick to put on replay.

My Flower isn’t a winner, but maybe at another time it could have been. JBJ do a good job in being sweet hip-hop light boys that it will swoon over someone. And really that’s all that you can ask for.

JBJ mark their return with an album True Colors. Available on streaming and digital platforms.

Sources: 1theK


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