Sunmi’s Heroine builds fantasticly but stops short of a perfect payoff

After 2017, Sunmi proved to be a bit of a force. Gashina kept the tradition of dance worthy songs, that played into the weird and quirk while feeding into the K pop trend of trop house. Now it is 2018, and instead of making us wait forever, Sunmi is back with a new single Heroine.

I will say that the song is very unexpected. It completely deviates from what Sunmi has done before, not just in genre, but overall sound. It’s a bit more poppier than what she usually offers. There is a sort of generic vibe to it, especially when placed beside Sunmi’s past work, but in moments it has a drive that is optimistic and almost inspirational. As much as people are not happy with Teddy, and criticize his work (valid as every criticism could be), I have to say I have not hated his work with Sunmi. We love the first two songs (JYP’s 24Hours and Brave Brother’s Full Moon), but it has been great to see Sunmi push past just that. Teddy has in a sense, helped flesh out Sunmi, while still allowing her to maintain the concept of Sunmi that we were introduced to. Heroine drops every bit of the idea we had of her, and Sunmi is forced to have to rebuild that image of her.

Unfortunately the song stops short of that satisfying moment. As much as I like what is going on musically, the song doesn’t give me that sweet moment of payoff. There is no satisfying conclusion as the song just repeats the chorus one last time, with very little change or differentiation between it and the chorus prior (Sunmi hits a higher note and that is it). The song forces itself to plateau and meets it’s end. While I will not say that a song needs to be built in a standard format, if a song is constructed in a way where payoff is necessary, I think something should happen. Even something as simple as taking the final chorus (which was repeated at the end) and just having a group of people sing it before she comes back in one last time to ad lib over it, would have been a more satisfying ending. The build of this song was perfect and I think could have given Sunmi that perfect song for a undefeatable streak (seriously four in a row). Instead the song just misses that and we are left with a disappointment that still is a good song.

Heroine is currently embroiled in a scandal, which overshadows what a decent song it is. Still as nice of a song it is, I can’t help but not be mad that the song decides to cut itself short at a very average length of 3:15.  The fact that I wanted more, and not in the good way makes me mad. Hopefully the next comeback (I don’t expect Sunmi to just do a solo a year). we get a fully realized effort.

Heroine is out now, available on digital and streaming services

Sources: 1theK


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