Infinite’s Tell Me tries to combine pop feelings with angst

The last time I spoke about Infinite I had someone mad I didn’t write out a glowing review of a song I didn’t like (instead I just said I didn’t care for it and posted the video, and didn’t tag it). So here is my first review of Infinite’s new song Tell Me.

Off first listen I will be honest and say that I didn’t care for it. The song has a very likable pop vibe to it musically. There is this nice danceable vibe to it that I could see preteen white girls going gaga over as they watch the next tween pop singer clutches his chest and gives you a slight look of despair and longing through their computer screens. It’s the perfect song for 2010 Justin Bieber (and this is the moment I realized Justin Bieber has been a thing for well over a decade), or any Disney tween dance pop act of the present.

All of that to say that it is likable enough to be catchy. However beyond that I feel like the song really doesn’t go much anywhere. I think putting a too angst-ridden and adult like touch to the song kind of hinders its made for kids sap ability. There is a level of angst you can reach musically that is just enough that the casual listener won’t pick up on or hinder the catchiness of the song. While Tell Me isn’t exactly hindered, I think the group and the music feel like two sides that can’t quite coexist properly. The group themselves are giving me ballad longing, and I kind of wish they went for a more generic approach to the music. The way they are approaching the song could have gone on something a bit more…dramatic and with flair. Things this song lacks. It’s very straightforward and lacks the dynamics I think the group really puts forth into the song. This could have been a chill party song, or even a flirtatious sort of pop track. Instead they dug deep for a track that hits the concrete too soon.

Tell Me has potential and is likable enough with a solid sound, and Infinite put in the effort to make it work. The issue arises when said sound is too consistent that any sort of dynamics or flair feel squeezed out. This leaves the group themselves to make up for that, and instead of taking a breezy sort of approach we get a direct sort sadness that feels let down by the music. Ultimately Tell Me only falters in trying to make these two opposing forces connect, yet manages to not come off horrendous or sloppily done. And that is something to praise.

Tell Me is the lead single to Infinite’s new album Top Seed, available now through streaming and digital purchase.

Sources: Woolliment Entertainment


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