A list of Likes and Dislikes about Pristin’s We Like

Warning: This review was very frustrating. I spent several drafts trying to figure out a way to say what I liked and disliked but it kept getting aggressive and grumpy. So this review is going to be really short and a list. That’s it.

Things I liked:

  • The divided sections have some worthy likable parts.
  • Xiyeon, Eunwoo, Kyla and Yuna are adorable
  • Xiyeon and Kyulkyung’s part together absolutely exemplifies what this song could be
  • The chorus is divisive, but it will stick. 
  • The actual concept around the chorus: group chanting over a harmonized sung background. Actually worth it.
  • Eunwoo is my favorite.
  • Seongyeon’s ad libs at the end, which should have just fucking finished the song, but oh well. It was a great part.

Things didn’t like

  • What the chorus turned out to be
  • The fact that verses are dull 
  • Changing or altering musical structure is nothing new or uncommon in k pop, especially as of late, however not all sections were at all memorable.
  • The final section which is a repurposed version of the rap section that replaced the bridge, was unneccesary.


That’s it. If there was one way to describe how I feel this song it would be this meme: gimm-that-franny-fanny-this-is-clearly-all-chorus-and-i-will-not-be-a-part-of-it

While not exclusively chorus, the song is so divided that nothing feels united to really make me truly love or defend the song, despite having some praise worthy aspects.

The song’s redeeming quality is that Pristin is likable enough to make this song sound passable. I won’t disregard it immediately, thanks to how I am somewhat into the group and the fact that the chorus is already stuck in my head. But I am hoping that better days are yet to come for their next release.

Pristin’s Schxxl Out is available for download and purchase



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