A list of Likes and Dislikes about Pristin’s We Like

Warning: This review was very frustrating. I spent several drafts trying to figure out a way to say what I liked and disliked but it kept getting aggressive and grumpy. So this review is going to be really short and a list. That’s it.

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Gashina proves to be a twist on Sunmi’s already offbeat brand

Sunmi has made her first comeback in three years as a soloist. What was she doing? Well between 205-2017, Sunmi had returned to her former idol group Wonder Girls, and helped revitalize their career and image. Of course after giving us two really good releases, the group decides to split up just shy of their 10 year anniversary. With two members have left JYPE, it’s pretty official the group has died, and fans sat in sadness waiting for any indication of comebacks and solo endeavors. Sunmi was the first one to really get that train going, starting late in the summer with her single release Gashina.

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