Laboum continue a successful streak with Hwi Hwi (Miss This Kiss)

Laboum have become a steady favorite for me. Since their debut they have released a stream of songs that have been catchy, fun and consistent. While still searching for that affirming throw into super stardom, they trek on with.

Hwi Hwi doesn’t really introduce anything new for the group. There is a subtle shift for a mature outlook. Their dance is still bright and fun, but with a more sensual tone to it. The song is catchy, fun, and another win for the group. At this point it is less of good material and more of where the success will come from.

Admittedly Laboum started as a group I got into rather late. It was their comeback Sugar Sugar that won me over. Then I went back to see what I missed and found the group was on a good track already. Since then I have never disliked a song from them, but hold certain tracks with higher regard. Hwi Hwi doesn’t necessarily take first place (for them or musically), but it does stand up well.

There isn’t much to really discuss with this song since it doesn’t deviate from the norm for the group. A small dose of  “maturity” isn’t enough to really tackle the song, but really there isn’t anything to gripe about. It’s a win for the group, and hopefully a step (no matter how small) toward the success most idols dream for.



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