EXID’s Night Rather Than Day is a soft but dynamic return

EXID are the group that have a tenuous but positive relationship with. While I have liked a majority of their releases, I have never truly committed myself to the group as a fan would. Instead I eagerly await for their return with hopes that this would be the one. Their last song LIE, left me befuddled and not amused, and only at the last minute did I find the song anywhere near charming. For 2017 they come back with a switch once again.

Night Rather Than Day is the result of having to accommodate for a loss. The lack of fifth member and main vocalist Solji means that several members are left to fill a void. It wouldn’t be ridiculous or presumptuous to say that Solji is the crutch for the group’s vocal line. She carried the group vocally, with Hyerin playing second fiddle and Hani forced to sing like a fresher voiced Britney Spears. Without her however, the group dynamic needs to change, which is what happens here. If it is bold to say, EXID had to become a different group really to make it work. I can’t really get a read on what Solji will do musically. The song actually navigates as a track for a completely different group. The biggest example is the chorus, which is usually reserved for Solji and Hyerin (the main and lead respectively). There may be an occasional quip from other members, but generally that is their time to flex their chops. Here, the usual main-lead dichotomy is downplayed (Almost subverted) instead for a group effort. Hani and Hyerin as the leading voices, but are accompanied individually by rapper Le and sub vocalist Jungwha. They move as a group, which required a bit of softer approaches (sans Hyerin who put on her best Solji impression at times).

The song’s structured is best described as continuously building yet never to great heights. A soft disco inspired track that layers itself, but doesn’t really burst out. The song is very mellow, and melodic, with a catchy chorus. The song picks up a bit around the second verse, Le’s extended rap section, and we get a more developed and brighter chorus (backed by horns and Hyerin’s chestier vocals). By the end of the song, we are in a peppier partying mood, only to end as the song started. Full circle and quaint.

Night Rather Than Day is a commendable effort from EXID, showing a willingness in change and versatility musically. While down a member, they (and the producers of the track) prove that they can handle the extra effort, as well as not being bogged down by expectations to live up to. With that a likable track is made, and hopefully a signal for something more.

Night Rather Than Day is the lead promo single from the group’s new ep Eclipse, out now.


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