NiNaNo is a mild intro for Minzy the soloist

Minzy has finally debuted as a soloist with her debut track NiNaNo, which serves as the lead single of her EP Minzy Work 01 Uno. As a relatively high profile act coming from one of the biggest K pop acts, and having started opening herself up to the masses proper, there was a bit of excitement for Minzy’s debut. In the last…three or four months, her company has managed to create an image for an idol that spent a majority of her career strategically out of arms reach (for better and worse). With most of the work settled in, all that was needed was for the actual debut…and here it is.

As with any track, there is a lot to get into. Firstly Minzy going with a dance track is smart mostly because of her brand. The music is awesome for the most part, taking influences from latin and eastern sounds. Minzy herself doesn’t really push through as I think she should. Maybe the producer should be blamed, but Minzy sounds flat. For someone who has proven herself to be dynamic as a performer and a singer, this really leaves her sounding the same throughout. Also a lack of certain things. The chorus, right before the beat drop, feels empty. The harmonies are contained, when they could have been bigger and festive. This is Minzy’s debut as a soloist, her declaration of freedom, and Minzy is coming off a tad timid and alone. When the energy isn’t convincing, the performance can suffer. Ultimately she sounds great, Minzy has a lovely voice, and is opening herself as a performer and singer. But a dance track that is uptempo and obviously meant to be grand doesn’t feel as energetic as it could be. And possible blame lies at several feet, including Minzy.  To add insult to injury, Minzy wasn’t even the standout. No… the actual highlight of the song, who manages to capture the song’s lacking intensity, is the guest rapper Flowsik.

Coming in late on the song, and some unfulfilling moments, Flowsick brings the song to a heated moment, with a solid verse and charismatic skills. Suddenly the song gets a little bigger (not just because of Flowsik, but the song actually seems to sound fuller), which would be great for Minzy, but instead the chorus just replays…and it ends. Not even a chorus with ad libs, or stacked to the walls harmonies. No just the same chorus we had experienced prior. No final instrumental, nothing.

While it isn’t straight to the garbage bin trash, and very listenable, it just seems to miss the mark for greatness. The song is fun and you will likely shimmy your shoulders on two and four, and shows the potential of who Minzy can be/will be. And Minzy has the talent to really back it up. But she doesn’t shine here like she should, and the song doesn’t climb past its initial pace. While some people would overreact about that, I think she just needs time (And a better producer). Flowsik was a great decision, but ultimately undermines Minzy as the star of the song. What NiNaNo attempts to create can best  be described as a work in progress released too soon. However it is a start of a likable brand for a pretty likable singer.

Minzy Work 01 Uno is out now on digital streaming sites, including iTunes.




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