Eunji brings a nice comfort with The Spring

Last year Eunji introduced herself as a soloist with the sweet but rather middling track Hopefully Sky. After a year of work, she has returned with another on track release, The Spring.

The Spring is an example of doing well without bringing anything worth discussing to the table. It’s not a big song in any sense. I can’t remember loving the chorus, her voice, or even how it sounded. It took me until my fifth listen to actually hear the key change in the second chorus. That’s how intensely lowkey this track is. You put it on and just kind of let it follow you, not really paying complete attention to it.

Only on her second release and you can sense a sort of brand she is going for. Musically this song is nice enough, albeit rather typical and innocuous. For some it could likely be dull, but ultimately seems like the inoffensive type that many assume the Korean masses would like. The song is that coffee house acoustic with a spin of folksy home grown country side. It tries to give her a realness that puts her idol image to rest if only for a promotional round.

Eunji the soloist strives for a stripped down effort, which puts focus on the music, even shirking her beloved voice for a simpler style of light breezy singing. Of course this means that one won’t be distracted, and quite frankly there is very little need for vocal acrobatics on┬átrack that does little to change.

The Spring is not some fancy record, nor does it pretend to be. Still, I almost want something to engage me in its limited space. Instead I am okay with the occasional listen to a song meant to


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