Pristin’s Wee Woo is mix bag of a debut

Pristin are the latest girl group to debut. Teasing of the group came last year, in the midst of two of their members succeeding in finding fame in K Pop with the MNET super group IOI. Making sure to multi task the efforts, Pledis put in work to get the group ready for debut doing concerts, fan releases, and a pre release to get the group ready. Finally in March, Pristin debuted with Wee Woo.

Wee Woo…well it could be worse. And that’s the overall sentiment I have for this song. It’s not bad, there are definitely things that I like. I love the music. It’s bouncy, fun, and flavorful if that makes sense. It doesn’t sit there or lose interest. I wanted to love this song because of that. Other aspects that I liked where the prechorus, with the Super super hero bit. While it felt out of place for some, it had this nice little groove to it that worked. Lastly the chorus was definitely a hit. I think for K Pop that is the most important part of the song. Something catchy and bouncy. With that all of this should add up to a solid song, and yet, I found myself picking at it. Like well cooked pulled pork, it was easy to pull a part. The song’s weakest points were the verses which felt underdone and poorly thought out. There has been murmurs of the song being a tad disjointed, and I am inclined to agree. Mostly in the verses sections which feel short. It sounded like sections had been cut out, and we were left with the remnants of what they thought sounded good. I also don’t think the song builds. Overall the song is gives off an impression of not being done, but there was enough for me to like that I didn’t turn it off. Wee Woo has replay value, but if a consistent release of tracks were to happen, I don’t know if I will be revisiting this for my top 20.

While the song wasn’t a complete dud, the video sure was. At its most basic utility, Wee Woo does what is necessary. It is pretty, and the girls look great, and I am sure fans of the group are happy with it. That being said, picking this video a part was far too easy. I’m not going to make this a bitchfest of what I saw was wrong. Here are just the three things that stuck out to me.

  • The lack of coherent storyline despite obvious themes being presented (School girls, the Police situation, the Occult)
  • The lack of dynamic and presentable personalities despite obvious themes being presented (The gym rat, the pretty/vain girl, the super emo kid)
  • The lack of the first two somehow not connecting despite them interacting

The video seemed like a mishmash of what fans want, but not put together well enough to deliver. The idea to segregate the group and make sure they could each be highlighted was a great idea, but when only a few of them get distinguishable personalities it’s hard for the casual fan to really notice them outside of the obvious ones. What’s strange is that because of the school setting you have so many clichés and tropes to work with

The band geek

The artist

The jock (we got the girl in the gym)

The geek/nerd and their protractor (I’m assuming Nayoung was supposed to fill that role)

The class president (either the super annoying variety, or the really popular one)

The cheerleader

The bad girl (there was one)

The Ditz

The hippie

All of these exist in MANY high school films.

Wee Woo is a debut single and as such I treat it as simply a beginning. The song doesn’t bomb or even suck. Instead it feels cut short of meeting potential. The short verses and lack of lasting impression leave me wishing for more, but I definitely have found the song charming. The video misses the mark more so than the song, and leaves me disappointed.


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