GFriend’s Fingertips explores the group’s dynamic concept

Gfriend have made it two years into the industry, and have become one of the more popular idol groups of their generation. Known for their exciting dance, acceptably cute imagery, and rather big songs. Still as time ticks forward, the fans of k pop seem to get impatient with concepts. Gfriend as a group have made a killing with the theory “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. While some groups have the ability to hop around from concept to concept, there are others who pride themselves on consistency in sound, image, and brand. Gfriend is one of those groups. They have made their coin by pushing this above average, high energy girl group that rock the pastel lcolored imagery on top of heavy guitar riffs that feel almost epic.

Fingertips is an example of how to play with something, without actually completely changing it. Soundwise it is very much Gfriend, albeit the chorus feels a tad tamer than what we are used to from the group. It is an ode to Disco, which has been a mainstay in Gfriend’s sound for awhile. It still has that driving force I associate with them. Like many of their past comebacks, the song doesn’t let up or slow down. You have to keep up. I will say that I am surprised with how…meeker Yuju comes off, as she tends to sing with a lot of bravado not seen in K pop. Still that doesn’t hinder the song in anyway. I will admit I was not as in love with the song as I normally am when it comes to Gfriend. A disco-flavored pop track would normally be my call to answer, but this one didn’t quite do it for me on the first shot. However it has since become a favorite.

The video is a weaker point to the song. While visually engaging, and Gfriend are looking their best at the moment, and I was a fan of the sets. However I think the story just kind of lost me. I get that there were two opposing sides (Yerin, SinB and maybe Eunha vs Sowon, Yuju and possibly Umji),a nd I loved the toy guys. It felt like a gangwar espionage science fiction Magical Girl story…and I like that concept. I was just left confused by some aspects of it. Also the injecting of random scenes for “artistic” effect is lost on me.

Conceptually this feels right out of the archives of 2009-2011. While I think K Pop is due for a drastic makeover in some respects, you can tell just how far things have come when revisiting K pop  (that is almost a decade old). Fingertips brought a lot of the good moments of that time back. With a group like Gfriend,

I had predicted that the inevitable shift of the pendulum would swing away from cute soon. While no one has truly crossed that threshold just yet, Gfriend seem to be pushing forward and refining their image. At their core they are a high energy performance pop group. Fingertips lines up damn near perfectly with what they have released before. Yet, we can look at this and see that there is a difference. Will that difference last? No one but the execs know for sure. But I am willing to bet it will stick. What needs to be praised is the fact that Fingertips is a good song, and that Gfriend are not just a narrow niche brand that they cannot switch through different concepts without a major switch in brand.



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