TWICE succeed with Knock Knock

Four months after another hit with TT, a slew of wins at the end of the year festivities, and JUST finishing the first set of concert tours, TWICE have come back with a repackage. The lead single is called Knock Knock

Knock Knock is a fun pop song that seems a lot simpler than the usual TWICE track. In fact this feels bare bones straight to the point pop with no bells and whistles that you would expect from TWICE (at their best TT and LOA, at their worst Cheer Up). This likely has to do with the fact that the group worked with a different producer than the usual Black Eyed Pil Seung. The song has a focus that we normally don’t get from the “color pop” group. And that’s what the song is missing…a brightness that I have come to associate with TWICE.

By using Collapsdone (who has been a JYP staple for the last three or four years), we get a different sound and flavor. I associate TWICE with BEP, and a sort of thrown at the wall splatter pop cuteness. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But there will always be vibrancy that makes it memorable. Knock Knock really is a bit duller, but still just as effective musically. By trading in that menage of sounds and dynamics, Knock Knock takes on a more cohesive, and driving sound. And thankfully the song is just as catchy as their other tracks.

The video is confusing at first until you hit the end…the knocking at the door from TT was them, but…haunting. And having forgot that TT!TWICE were ghost (there were random moments where they appeared and disappeared), this is a slightly morbid prequel to their cosplay looks.

Overall, while not typical to what TWICE generally releases, Knock Knock stands up to them in terms of catchiness, and shows what a possible new sound could be for them. It isn’t as…forthcoming as their other songs, but this might be a good thing. No doubt this song will be a hit. Still Knock Knock is a nice addition to the TWICE catalog.


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