2ne1 say Goodbye one last time

Last year saw the death of quite a few groups, and this is likely not going to end anytime soon. One group to come to an end was the heavy weight 2ne1. With a long standing hiatus after the unfortunate Bom scandal, and the departure of Minzy in May of last year, it felt like the end of the group. Still YG insisted that was not the case, and they would continue as three. Turns out that was a lie (a lie that I am sad to hear many believed).

The group was disbanded in December with the news that Bom had not signed back in May as we were led to believe (although some are saying this is false?).

So here we are…Late January of 2017, almost three years since the group’s last release…with Goodbye.

I’ve always believed that 2ne1’s best efforts have been their ballads. The lack of pretense and allowing  the group to just move with the music has been their best part. Goodbye is a throwaway from CL’s US work, and here it comes off as such. CL feels very prominent in the song, with Dara and Bom feeling inserted. Of course CL sounds at her best here, her voice having always been one of my favorites. She also has a way of playing up sadness that isn’t the typical drab way most Korean idols tend to sing. Dara doesn’t feel so necessary songwise, but it is nice to hear her. The real part of anticipation was Bom, who had been on hiatus since 2014. I was worried that she would just be a voice, but we get to see her in the video. I’ve always liked Bom.

Overall I can’t say much against the song. It is a nice track, and was well done. Simple, and feels like the end to a chapter. Hopefully the careers of the members (including Minzy) take off and success comes their ways.


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