Seohyun’s Don’t Say No is pleasant but not enough

SNSD is three members into the whole solo thing. Well technically two, but I’m putting bets on Hyoyeon making a full fledged ep later in the year. Right now however, Seohyun is the one in the midst of a solo debut.

The best way to describe Don’t Say No is pleasant. Very easy to listen to, nothing dynamic, and catchy. But it isn’t all the way there for me.  It is very reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s The Way, which had been harked as an ode to Mariah Carey (post-Butterfly era). Due to some technical issues I have been having, I have had time to really listen to a lot of songs, some I have not been able to come back to on my own. Don’t Say No falls into this space where I have been aware of the song, and even kept up with the performances, but really the song hasn’t been completely on the forefront of my mind.

To sum up, it’s not bad, but I am not clamoring for it. Really the value of this entire thing is based on Seohyun. The image that so many likely associate with her, is that prim, proper, quiet second/third lead vocalist, who was smart and liked sweet potatoes. In an ironic twist, we found someone that was desexualized. As someone who isn’t a fan (but follows SNSD musically), there seemed to be a change in her persona around the Mr. Mr. era. A tad more sensual and forward. That’s what Don’t Say No puts out there. The Seohyjn of today. And think that’s what is the appeal of all this. The song though…after she promotes it. Will I remember it?

The music video is pretty, but I am tired of the off sequence shots of random objects that is supposed to be deep and artistic, but have no value in the music video and take up space.

Really there isn’t anything to harp on musically. It’s very safe, and Seohyun performs it well. Really most of my fascination in this has been riding on her, which doesn’t bode well for the song.

Still that doesn’t save the song from a safe production, and a mild hook.



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