SM does another unit for NCT

I firmly believe that SM are just throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks. While it would look like a smart idea to try and dip your toe in as many demographics as possible, there is something to be said about playing to your strengths.

But that’s just my opinion about this whole NCT business. SWhenm it comes to the actual group efforts…meh. I have only cared about 7th Sense, and that’s been a vague interest. Now when I saw the teasers for this comeback, I was ready to ignore it and throw it in the trash.

Y’all: But Huzzy, what if it’s good

Me: I promise you…it won’t be.

Hip-hop concepts are nothing but garbage to me. The only good one I have seen…4Minute’s Crazy, and even then that isn’t discourse free.

And this is SM, who oddly enough cannot do much outside of their pristine pop efforts, or watered down R&B songs y’all claim are lit.

Anyway here are the videos

Limitless: Performance version


Rough version

With LIMITLESS, I’m not gonna say it’s bad. It really isn’t (I use this phrase a lot). And I’m trying to not be obnoxious about how I feel about this song. It’s a nice song, but no replay value for me. Why?


Hip-hop concepts all seem to mysteriously sound the same, almost like they have no clue what to do other than overly aggressive sounds that wouldn’t be relevant anywhere else. The song actually finds itself in the sung parts and the chorus is nice. Everything is quite nice for the most part except the rapping, but it lacks a grand moment. I don’t need a highnote, or some overly climatic bridge. But here…the song comes and goes and is acceptable.

The videos.

Y’all can keep them. The styling is not only atrocious, but the hair. I’m not gonna put on my SJW cap, but let it be known that SM is transparent and ugly about this once again.

If this is a sign of SM venturing into the Hippity-Hop, count me out. While NCT-127 do the job well enough, and other than that bad rapping, the song is okay. Still I wish it had something about it that made exciting. It’s catchy enough. But enough isn’t always….well enough. Oh and the videos…meh. The Rough version doesn’t convince me of them being hood. The performance version is typical of SM, but the styling is so bad I refuse to watch it more than I HAVE to.



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