April make a fantastic restart with April Story

Right now with the boon of cute concepts girl groups at their peak, a lot of groups are having to find their way. April were a traditionalist when it came to the concept. Sugary sweet songs that were modest albeit ineffectual given their places on the charts. With groups like TWICE and GFriend defining the market at the moment, it should be no surprise that groups are starting to get in line.

“Get in where you fit in

April decided to add some flare to their music by replicating Gfriend in the important ways. Gfriend’s sound (when it comes to their singles as of late) is this punch, adventurous but still based in traditional sounds. It takes the “cute” concept and places an electric guitar in the back to make you feel a way. A listener takes Gfriend much more seriously when they don’t sound like they are singing on the Kids Bop version of a nursery rhyme. April Story takes all a string and piano, with the added touch of a guitar in the back to create this dramatic piece. There is something so dramatic about the song. From the pacing, to the chorus stacked with harmonies, and even that nice dance break, which instead of being a group moment will highlight one member supposedly. The change in the beat during the second verse was unexpected and made me think of a bridge, but the song builds right back into the original pace. There isn’t anything about this song I don’t like, I do notice how prevalent Jinsol (of Girl’s Spirit fame) is on the record, but overall her voice is interesting enough not to make me feel a way.

The video has them play dolls, and the bits of choreography show growth. I am not a fan of some of the shots done. The guy in particular…I wish these directors would have a better plan for shots like this. They are used to fill the video, but most of the time they look forced and boring. Not much use when we are here to watch the group dance and sing. The shaky camera and multiple zoom ins, give the video a dramatic effect, but also I wish they had spent a little more time on some shorts instead of moving back and forth. The videos brightest moment is the solo dance shot. A well done moment that uses far too many tricks, but comes out just fine. The entirety of this video feels like an experiment to see what they can and cannot do just yet. I am almost certain their next comeback, if they continue with this new April, will see the return of zoom in shots but with a refined restraint. Overall, I like the video, the sets and scenery were well done, and the video is not without perfect shots.

I have been on the fringe with April, but if this is the direction they are taking, they have me sold. I hate that most of this review was mostly me talking about others in comparison to them, but it just seems to obvious that they are redefining themselves to make it. And good for them. The product is a well done song, with a well done video, and I can’t imagine myself looking for anything else to say about it. While I am nervous for their success, as well as if this will stick, I do have to give them props.

Prelude is out now on Korean and English platforms, go take a listen!


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