Let’s do a LOONA post

LOONA, the future 12 piece girl group set for an October debut of next year…have a really elaborate promotional plan. For the next year, each member will be releasing a solo song (as well as collaborative efforts with previous members) to introduce them. They started in October…and are on Month 3.

I have a lot of feelings and opinions on this, but let’s get the music out of the way.

Member 1: HeeJin (ViVid)

Off the bat I was impressed with the song. I half expected this to be a lower budget version of SM Station, SM’s cash grab idea that was admittedly skimpy with musical creativity. It’s very…I have heard it before, but the song is fun. Not a giant thrill or iconic moment of pop. But it’s a cute shoulder bopping song.  As for HeeJin she isn’t terrible, we wouldn’t have known that with production but still. The music video was also very creative and well done. Their company is not being stingy with the money. Let’s see if that last.

Member 2: HyuJin (Around You)

Single two, and they went for more of a ballad this time. I don’t think it is unreasonable to say that Korean ballads can be a little hard to stomach. This song kind of treads that line. It’s a sweet song, and HyuJin has a pleasant enough voice. It sounds like a cross between a coffee shop ballad (lacking a thrill or exciting factor, and more catchy based lyrics) and the dramatic vocal wank ballad (the more serious nature in tone)The video was cute, not as memorable as ViVid, but definitely nothing to sleep on. I really liked the way they handled the music. Using the song as noise for the video, until the second verse where she starts singing. It’s a little confusing and people will likely be waiting for the actual song…but I thought it was clever.

Member 3: HanSeul (Let Me In)

By song three I am expecting a drop in quality. It’s not that these songs are anything original or the greatest pieces ever. However we are dealing with a company that is seriously investing in this group. Let Me In is by far the best song so far. This could actually have been a song for new Ladies’ Code. And to be honest I would have wanted to hear it from them. Something about HanSeul’s voice doesn’t really…well she’s pretty. I am not saying she can’t sing, but I am saying she doesn’t sound like a singer. And what’s worse is that the production reflects that. Her voice just sits in speaking range when this song needs more whispered, lower range vocals. Think Janet Jackson. She would have killed this track. But other than that…the song is beautiful. Lovely music, the chorus is memorable. This is a hit record for a mid sized  to big group. I just…brava. And then the video??? Once again…the money in this! They are in Iceland I think (one video was done in France). Beautiful cinematography, great shots, and HanSeul looks lovely.


Other than that there were two collaborative songs between the members. I don’t think they are as good as the solo songs so I am just gonna post them and keep it going.

I’ll Be There (HeeJin+HyuJin)

A New Jack Swing inspired track that should have been *just* a dance video

Carol (HeeJin+HyuJin+HnSeul)

A Christmas song…with a much better produced video.

Right now we are only in member three and they have a solid discography, as well as somehow managing to have better produced videos than even some of their seniors…well damn. LOONA are setting some high expectations, and have been doing well to release content (behind the scenes videos, variety videos, instagram pictures, etc.) Whatever happens to this group, I will applaud them for these videos.

The fourth member will be revealed sometime mid-January. I will be doing a separate post for her, and each member from now on.





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