Huzzy’s top 20 songs of 2016: 5-1


This was supposed to come out just before midnight.,..but I fell asleep. So here it is! A fucked year, with some nice musical moments. I let a lot slip by, which left this list a little barren, but I am hoping to pick it right back up. Here are the five songs that have made K Pop in 2016 bearable.

One last time:

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In case you missed it: 10-6, 15-11, 20-16

Let’s get this going


TT came just a bit shy of the group’s one year anniversary, which means of course we are gonna have to do some comparisons. In just a year…change is relative. On one hand they are only three singles in, and nothing in quality has truly changed. But in that, the idea got fine tuned. While Cheer Up pushed them into popularity and helped solidify their strange method of attention seeking, TT makes good of what that song couldn’t do. TT is catchy and likeable where Cheer Up isn’t. Though I do admit to not liking TT completely at first, the song is good enough that it worms its way into your head and have you singing TT for no damn reason. TWICE are a group that is aware…more aware than most groups. Purposely dumbing down dances, far too easy to sing songs, purposely memeing yourself? They know…and TT is the product of that. Also TT is almost at 100 million views…go get them that lost few thousands.


Since Me Gustas Tu, Gfriend have kind of been lather-rinse-repeating their comebacks. Of course it has only been three, and it would be hypocritical to call them out on this when most groups are guilty of this nor would be it fair to pretend this is docking points off their score. While Rough was THE HIT for them, and trust and believe that song is amazing. But, in my heart of hearts I truly believe Navillera is the superior song. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t feel like anything different. The song moves quick. I mean it goes from silence right into the beat. With their other songs the intro built up into the dynamics of the song, but Navillera refuses to waste time. You got to get in where you fit in with this song. And that remains the constant throughout the song. Nothing slows down, even when the beat changes, and adds some flare, the song is still on higher octane. The song ends just like it starts with no resolve. It just ends after the final chorus, and you are left with complex emotions. In the end Navillera works; it is a big song that moves at twice the normal speed for the group and slams you in the face before you realize shit was going on. Amazing.

Sistar- I Like That

Sistar is pretty predictable at this point. Summer comeback, which while highlighting other members will inevitably be dependent on Hyorin for a good 65% of the song, while being produced by whatever producer is serving them at the moment. In the beginning it was Brave Brothers, than became Double Sidekick, now it is Black Eyed PilSeung.  Yes Sistar are predictable, but that doesn’t mean they cannot surprise us. Now I know I said earlier that expecting older more established groups to change when they haven’t even after they hit big is for fools…but the problem is…Sistar have had great success with concepts and songs that diverge from their summer fun anthems. So while I have come to accept the summer Sistar, it’s not out of the realm for me to hope for something more from them. And we finally get that. With I Like That, we finally get a break from their sexy sporty party girl of the summer vibe. Instead we find them back in 2012 and 2013 where they were the epitome of the sexy concept that has since taken over a faction of the girl groups. Sistar proves they are not one trick ponies as they sing over one of Black Eyed PilSeung’s better productions. The best thing about the song is that while it feels more mature and darker, there isn’t a sacrifice of dance and uptempo. Yes you can make a darker song without losing oneself in the dramatics. Sadly I Like That was not the big hit (although it did not do poorly), and will likely mean a return to their usual tricks. What’s best is to not forget that Sistar is indeed a dynamic group that can do more than what they show.

Luna- Free Somebody

Remember when I said that Tiffany’s I Just Wanna Dance was only surpassed by one song in 2016…well here it is. Luna got her chance to debut as a soloist with a funky house track called Free Somebody (a track that JoJo had been attached to, and unfortunately did not keep). Of course the song was not going to do well…why would people want good things? Free Somebody gave Luna the chance to stand on her own. Normally she is resolved with carrying parts of f(x) songs, while also being one of the only solid performers in that group. Here she is able to stand on her own and shine just as well. Luna has such a voice on her. Her tone is always kind of twangy and sharp which gives her benefit of singing more non traditional pop songs. Sadly Luna didn’t reach great heights with the song, which means that when her next turn comes (which will likely be far off), we will see Luna turning to more standard sounds and likely *shudders* the ballads. Because we can’t have nice things.

Cosmic Girls- Secret

At the beginning of 2016, I was excited for a group. A 12 piece girl group from Starship, the same company that gave me Sistar, and Hyorin specifically. Now normally I am not a fan of big groups. I have to learn names, remember faces, and usually I don’t care for more than four of them. So for me to get excited for WJSN aka Cosmic Girls…it was a big deal. And then they debuted…and it was underwhelming. Catch Me and MoMoMo two sides of the same dumbass coin and nothing was catchy about either of them. The worst part is me realizing that “mature” “sexy” “confident” images and visuals are often tagged with mediocre songs. At best. MoMoMo wasn’t great, but it was the better of the two songs, which meant this girl group was going to find themselves doing aligning as “cute”. And they did. Around September, Cosmic Girls made a comeback with not only one new member (Producer 101 and ioi member Yeonjung), but apparently a beefed up budget. Secret was not only a much better song, but a much better experience. I am trying to abstain from discussing the music videos…but come on. The music video for secret is one of the best videos of 2016, with various Sci-fi and fantasy references. And it goes with a great song. The song is very reminiscent to Destiny by Lovelyz, and I would argue it being it’s little sister track. The song is just as developed and feels grand in its own way without having to rely on overly big vocals or too fast and too bright sounds. It’s a dreamy song that somehow manages to make a 13 member group sound like an actual unit and not a clusterfuck. I do not say this as an exxageration, but Secret was kind of the reason I stopped being completely bored with K Pop, and only marginally bored. So I am thankful to an actually decent song being the springboard for the last few months of 2016.

And with that, we end this post. 2016 was a year. A strange year. A fucked year. But we got a lot of songs that we loved and hold onto dearly. Hopefully I am wowed more in 2017, but if not, I doubt I won’t have another set of 20 for y’all.

Once again, all of this will be available on a special page coming up sometime this week (a masterpost organization page and all that). Thank you for reading. If you agree, thanks. If you don’t tell me some of your songs in the comments!

Have a great New Years!


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