2ne1 say Goodbye one last time

Last year saw the death of quite a few groups, and this is likely not going to end anytime soon. One group to come to an end was the heavy weight 2ne1. With a long standing hiatus after the unfortunate Bom scandal, and the departure of Minzy in May of last year, it felt like the end of the group. Still YG insisted that was not the case, and they would continue as three. Turns out that was a lie (a lie that I am sad to hear many believed).

The group was disbanded in December with the news that Bom had not signed back in May as we were led to believe (although some are saying this is false?).

So here we are…Late January of 2017, almost three years since the group’s last release…with Goodbye.

I’ve always believed that 2ne1’s best efforts have been their ballads. The lack of pretense and allowing  the group to just move with the music has been their best part. Goodbye is a throwaway from CL’s US work, and here it comes off as such. CL feels very prominent in the song, with Dara and Bom feeling inserted. Of course CL sounds at her best here, her voice having always been one of my favorites. She also has a way of playing up sadness that isn’t the typical drab way most Korean idols tend to sing. Dara doesn’t feel so necessary songwise, but it is nice to hear her. The real part of anticipation was Bom, who had been on hiatus since 2014. I was worried that she would just be a voice, but we get to see her in the video. I’ve always liked Bom.

Overall I can’t say much against the song. It is a nice track, and was well done. Simple, and feels like the end to a chapter. Hopefully the careers of the members (including Minzy) take off and success comes their ways.


CLC reinvent themselves with (Hob)Goblin

Cube is fucked. But that doesn’t mean they can’t release new content for their acts. The first to make an official comeback for the company is heir girl group CLC, who are still looking for their big break in.

Okay…well…let’s get the elephant out of the room.


It should be pretty obvious that Cube Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V 4Minute’s 2014 effort down to several parts. The major differences being the fashion choices (the colorful/unique CLC vs the more mature but unified monochromatic 4Minute), more filter choices (various colors, vibrancies CLC vs once again, monochromatic 4Minute), and the choreo. Still everything else feels a play by play of what the disbanded group already did. Song starts with the chorus, rapped verse, small sung part, prechorus, chanting chorus, repeat, bridge (Admittedly better than Crazy’s), final chorus. Now you can argue

Getting away from the far too obvious comparison, on first listen I wished the song was just…a little bigger. Like it had something, but not enough of it. I liked the chorus from the jump, but I kind of didn’t see it for the verses northe pre-chorus. Sorn and Seunghee lacked a lot of force needed. They sound very new to the style, which harks back to the whole 4MINUTE comparison.

Things I did like: the song is different for now. A lot of groups have been very much on the cute train, and while it has given many success, it is obviously about to run its course. That being said, the options for concepts are limited. CLC returning as the edged up bad girls is fun. I do think that the group could be a little more invested, as some seem to be more into it than others, but overall, the niche is empty and Cube rarely upsets me like that. Also some of the ladies do stand out, namely Sorn (although I am not impressed with her parts, she has the look), Seungyeon, Yeeun, and Yujin (who oddly enough is still cute).

Goblin hopefully starts a new journey for CLC. While some of their early songs were nice, Goblin definitely gives the group a new space to work from. With time, they can work out the kinks, and unify the sound while also carving their own niche in it. However will it last for the group is what I worry about. This could very well be a flash in the pan for them, and if so…well at least it happened.


Cosmic Girls with the brighter but less exciting I Wish

Only a couple of days ago did I proclaim Cosmic Girls’ Secret as my favorite song of 2016. I sang the praises of how good that song was, and even better a spectacular video to accompany it. I criticized the lackluster aspects of their debut in comparison, to just solidify the dreamy pop perfection that their September comeback (and debut proper of Yeonjung).

So I knew…I just knew…that somehow, Cosmic Girls would somehow fuck up the fun.
And they did.

I Wish, which I am tempted to call Tell Me Why, takes all the spacey dream like qualities of Secret, and just says fuck it. Throws all the good in the trash, and ups the tempo slightly. Now this isn’t to say that the song is terrible or is nothing but trash. I Wish would literally have to be Catch Me for that to happen. The song is interesting, and thankfully still has this sound to it that isn’t stuffy. I also hear what I imagine to be Juicy Fruit but I doubt K Pop even know what that song is. The chorus is actually nice, and sweet to listen to. But overall it comes off a little plain. Exy is required to rap each track, and this is the first time she felt like she was just inserted in and not given the spotlight like she normally would.

The music video suffers the same fate as the song. It’s obvious that Starship made sure to involve the same director as last time, as many of the visuals and same motifs still exist. The girls are still in these supernatural, vibrant colored landscapes, and having them in such open looking spaces gives the video such a more epic feel. And like last time there is a lot going on. The girls are set up in different groups of different scenarios. However unlike last time, where everything eventually came together (the summoning on Yeonjung), I Wish can’t quite find its purpose. Ultimately there is a lot of interesting imagery, but left to be chaotic.

I can’t say that I am too happy with I Wish. The song is nice, and kind of catchy. But the sugary quality feels very on the nose for me.

SM does another unit for NCT

I firmly believe that SM are just throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks. While it would look like a smart idea to try and dip your toe in as many demographics as possible, there is something to be said about playing to your strengths.

But that’s just my opinion about this whole NCT business. SWhenm it comes to the actual group efforts…meh. I have only cared about 7th Sense, and that’s been a vague interest. Now when I saw the teasers for this comeback, I was ready to ignore it and throw it in the trash.

Y’all: But Huzzy, what if it’s good

Me: I promise you…it won’t be.

Hip-hop concepts are nothing but garbage to me. The only good one I have seen…4Minute’s Crazy, and even then that isn’t discourse free.

And this is SM, who oddly enough cannot do much outside of their pristine pop efforts, or watered down R&B songs y’all claim are lit.

Anyway here are the videos

Limitless: Performance version


Rough version

With LIMITLESS, I’m not gonna say it’s bad. It really isn’t (I use this phrase a lot). And I’m trying to not be obnoxious about how I feel about this song. It’s a nice song, but no replay value for me. Why?


Hip-hop concepts all seem to mysteriously sound the same, almost like they have no clue what to do other than overly aggressive sounds that wouldn’t be relevant anywhere else. The song actually finds itself in the sung parts and the chorus is nice. Everything is quite nice for the most part except the rapping, but it lacks a grand moment. I don’t need a highnote, or some overly climatic bridge. But here…the song comes and goes and is acceptable.

The videos.

Y’all can keep them. The styling is not only atrocious, but the hair. I’m not gonna put on my SJW cap, but let it be known that SM is transparent and ugly about this once again.

If this is a sign of SM venturing into the Hippity-Hop, count me out. While NCT-127 do the job well enough, and other than that bad rapping, the song is okay. Still I wish it had something about it that made exciting. It’s catchy enough. But enough isn’t always….well enough. Oh and the videos…meh. The Rough version doesn’t convince me of them being hood. The performance version is typical of SM, but the styling is so bad I refuse to watch it more than I HAVE to.


April make a fantastic restart with April Story

Right now with the boon of cute concepts girl groups at their peak, a lot of groups are having to find their way. April were a traditionalist when it came to the concept. Sugary sweet songs that were modest albeit ineffectual given their places on the charts. With groups like TWICE and GFriend defining the market at the moment, it should be no surprise that groups are starting to get in line.

“Get in where you fit in

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Let’s do a LOONA post

LOONA, the future 12 piece girl group set for an October debut of next year…have a really elaborate promotional plan. For the next year, each member will be releasing a solo song (as well as collaborative efforts with previous members) to introduce them. They started in October…and are on Month 3.

I have a lot of feelings and opinions on this, but let’s get the music out of the way.

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AoA make the New Years bright with a double release

AoA are starting the new year after a rather tepid 2016. Determined to keep it trucking, the group have released their first full album with a double feature.

My thoughts about the group have always been very cordial and positve. Their 2014-2015 releases had been some of my favorites from them. I enjoyed Heart Attack. I didn’t even really hate Good Luck, but the thrill about AoA is that they are kind of that group that is hot, but will likely never break past that barrier. Which is fine, but it leaves them continuing to make songs that are enjoyable, easily digestible, but not at all challenging to them. Which is fine. I don’t want to sit here and pretend I value artistic integrity when I will slam most of those “efforts” more often than not. Instead I value a change of pace. While AoA are limiting their comebacks now (because they can afford to), it makes their pop more valuable, but ultimately I don’t miss it.

With that being said, both Excuse Me and Bing Bing fall into that. Excuse Me is definitely the winner of the two tracks, and I will likely have it some where on the end of year list. Bing Bing unfortunately doesn’t have that such luck.

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S.E.S. mark 20 years with the Remember era

K Pop pioneers S.E.S. are cashing in their reunion points for their 20th year in the game. The group is a big deal being not only one of the most prominent groups (female or otherwise) but also a boon in SM’s path to dominance. A lot is owed to the group. Girl groups today still use many of the same themes as they did when they started out. Even their sound is prevalent in quite a few group’s (although many companies veer away from the prominent R&B influence of the 90’s and early 2000’s).

A lot of older (first generation) groups have been making comebacks as of late. The industry is just a little bit bigger for them to continue their space. However most acts have predominantly been male, so S.E.S. are the first of their kind right now.

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Huzzy’s top 20 songs of 2016: 5-1


This was supposed to come out just before midnight.,..but I fell asleep. So here it is! A fucked year, with some nice musical moments. I let a lot slip by, which left this list a little barren, but I am hoping to pick it right back up. Here are the five songs that have made K Pop in 2016 bearable.

One last time:

  • Opinions
  • List will be available later!


In case you missed it: 10-6, 15-11, 20-16

Let’s get this going

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