Huzzy’s 20 songs of 2016: 10-6


It’s New Years Eve, where I am so I refuse to acknowledge that day until tomorrow! With only two post left for this, I want to have both up before Midnight. The top 5 will be up later on tonight (I just got to add links and edit), just before New Years! Y’all be safe, and read this post!

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Post for 15-11 and 20-16!


Ladies Code- Jane Doe

Rounding out the top 10 is Ladies Code! Having made their big return to K pop earlier in the year, it was admittedly a little hard to navigate their comeback. SO much so that I had to remove myself from them just to really see how I felt about their music. Results: I loved Galaxy although it too damn near until The Rain for me to come to that conclusion. Both their comebacks have been solid, showing a brand new group. However while the Rain and Galaxy were both solid releases, it was a b-side that caught my attention. One of the few late entries of 2016, Jane Doe is an R&B song that fits every bit of the group as they are now. Ladies Code have dedicated themselves to their new sound, softer darker jazz and R&B sounds. Jane Doe fits this, with a more upbeat vibe to it. This could have been a follow up single if they desired, although I do wish the beat was a little tighter, as it sounds on the verge of disorganization. Other than that the song has a way about it that I cannot deny.

Lovelyz- Destiny

With each release, Lovelyz worm their way into my heart. The songs get better and more fun, although I am not at the point where I am learning their names. I know like three of them. But of course that doesn’t stop me from enjoying them, or this release. There is something gorgeous about Destiny and the way it was handled that no other NEW girl group has been able to demonstrate. While I will never not go up for girl group, the range right now is very narrow. While this song and group are not exactly breaking barriers, there was something about this comeback that made the group stand a little more on the “mature” side. Not only that but the song is great. One thing I love is that it feels like a whirlwind. The song feels like its in a circle and you’e not moving in a perfect direction.  While this isn’t the dance your feelings away kind of track, the pick up and subtle dynamics make this song one of the more profound tracks from a girl group.


I say this as seriously as I can be. Ga In by far one of the more adventurous pop singers K Pop has ever had. Of course she still works within the confines of the industry, set norms, and music, and I am not calling her some artistic genius. But whenever Ga In comes out, I tend to perk up to see what she will do. There is something exciting about a Ga In comeback, and that is what makes her worth it.  While only a couple of years ago, she was at her musical low, she picked it up in 2015 with Paradise Lost. In 2016, Ga In has flipped the switch and decided to go for a much lighter song. Now Carnival is not without its issues. Ga In’s approach to singing makes the song feel just a little empty, and the lack of boisterous harmonies during the chorus made me want more. And many people consider the song to be an inferior attempt at IU’s Red Shoes. In fact the video for this song is where most would heap praise, as did I. That being said, Carnival is no loss for the soloist. Despite her airy cooing over the vibrant beat, she still has the charisma to not sound bored or lost.

IOI- Very Very Very

i.o.i is one of 2016’s biggest successes…and they’re only a special project group. By the end of next January, the group will have been dissolved and the girls will be moved on to their respective projects where they will either grow to proper success, or sizzle in a group where they are indeed overshadowing the rest of their group…or in Chung Ha’s case, finding a niche as a soloist. Still let it be known that they ended 2016 with Very Very Very…the track that is far too similar without actually being the same to Gee, has an astonishingly simple chorus that will piss you off because it is that simple and you will be singing with it, and will likely never be sung again until 2020 when the group comes back together because the companies need something to do.Cheer’s 2016 debut of ioi.

Tiffany- I Just Wanna Dance

Y’all HATED this track. Me…LOVED IT. Everything about this song worked. And I don’t understand why no one will admit that! Tiffany was already a bit of a divisive figure within her own fandom. She was annoying and can’t sing…or she was just misunderstood and was reasonable within her range. Personally…I don’t care. But I do care about the pink in everything debut track. Better than damn near everyone else’s at SM, Tiffany unfortunate did not live up to any sort of expectations, although she should have. Maybe the song was too western for the audiences in South Korea, and international audiences were just miming happy that Tiffany was failing. I don’t know. I do know that Tiffany was responsible for one of SM’s best songs this year and y’all just gonna have to deal with that.

That’s it for 10-6. Last but not least…5-1 will be coming shortly!

Happy New Years to all my Eastern Hemisphere followers. Happy New Years Eve to everyone around me!


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