HuzzyPop’s Predictions for 2017

Are you ready for 2016 to be over? Has this crap shit of a year finally broken your spirit? Well get in line.

And while you wait for this semi horror fest to end, why don’t you read my predictions for 2017!


These are just me making guesses…and y’all believing them. So let’s get started!


Monsta X will continue a slow build, while Cosmic Girls will hit automatic success in around 2 comebacks, at the most.

Starship is playing a very dangerous game with their two new groups. Boy group Monsta X has seen more success than their big brother group Boyfriend, and likely has been the death nail in that group’s career, but they are still swimming in a pond full of hungry boy groups looking for spots in the upper tiers. Thankfully their competition doesn’t seem so stiff. Still they will pull three more comebacks, all of them imitating a poor man’s BTS and VIXX. Instead the real success will come from 13 piece girl group WJSN. Only a year old, they have managed the perfect storm for success with pulling several girls in diferent show formats, with their biggest successes being Yeonjung and Cheng Xiao. This and Starships penchant for fairly easy and catchy pop songs will mean they will hit big before their Monsta X. That doesn’t mean Monsta X will not find success, instead it will just take longer with the fact that they are vying for a market that is already taken.

TWICE will start the year big and end it bigger

Think 2016 was a good year for the group, well it is only going to get better. JYPE’s new flagship group is about to take it to new heights with two, maybe three comebacks. All korean, they are not ready to risk the Japanese market just yet. The final release will be their first full album, which of course comes with their most dynamic track yet. During all of this the group will start to pull into different markets. Nayeon, Jungyeon and maybe Dahyun will start acting. Sana will continue variety takeover, although often alone now. Jihyo will sit down and take vocal lessons and move to musicals and some singing competitions. Ultimately the group will eclipse near everyone else, and it will all start with their first comeback…and…

Somi will join TWICE

This is far too obvious, but arguably the least likely to happen. Somi will be entering a group with an established dynamic, and her role would likely clash with that of Nayeon (song starter, face, a vocalist). That being said, it is either start a new girl group, knowing full well they will have little to no interest in investing in a group while TWICE are set to solidify themselves…or allow her to sit and wait until it dies down. Needless to say the smart option is just to make the transition into TWICE as easy as possible. This gives the group a bigger fanbase, although now more volatile. I doubt Somi fans are over her not getting into the group the first try, or will TWICE fans be all that receptive to a girl that lost in the first place. Still the drama will be epic while the group pull out their first comeback of 2017.

CLC will find themselves at a crossroads.

Unfortunately CUBE is being held up by Hyuna and BTOB, with little to nothing to do for their new groups Pentagon and CLC. While the company scrambles to make themselves profitable again, CLC will put out two comebacks, both much better than 2016’s releases, but ultimately not enough to save them from the incoming hell.

The new boygroups are going to fight to the death for spots

There are very few available spots open in relevancy land. Right now, Got7, BTS, EXO, Infinite, SHINee and when they want to do shit, iKon and Winner all kind of occupy the k pop stratosphere. Big Bang OWNS land in this proverbial space, so they cannot be usurped. And with the news that SM is getting back BOTH Super Junior and TVXQ…well shit you might as well say there are three maybe four spaces available. Well there are far too many boygroups coming out trying to catch all the preteen girls, and grown ass women. So far Seventeen is leading the pack, but that can always change…stay on your toes boys because I think two of them are gonna be sleeper hits.

2017 will be the end of the cute.

Due to all the debuts at the time, 2014-2016 was the revival of the cute concept for new girl groups. Yes the pink, pastels, and hazy white blue tinted filters have been running amok. But it has given us some big groups with TWICE, Gfriend, Oh My Girl, and Lovelyz. Still it seems like the desire for pastel will wane in the coming year. Many new girl groups will go for a combination of mature or just simply ambiguous concepts. Not necessarily cute or mature, but an inbetween that let’s them ride either wave. Ultimately it comes down to companies realizing that they hit the point of saturation. So this means moving into the opposite direction.

BESTie and SPICA will find success

[LET ME DREAM] No but seriously, the groups will fill the hole that some of their peers are leaving. SPICA are just waiting for Mamamoo to slip up before taking their spot, while BESTie only need an EXID-AOA mix of success. With the sudden decrease of cute girl groups, both will establish their niche properly and make waves…no matter how small

Oh My Girl will return to doing something more closely related to Closer

After seeing what happened for groups like Lovelyz and Cosmic Girls, OMG will slip back into all white sun dresses and back into their formations for what will likely be one of the best songs of 2017.

Lovelyz and Red Velvet will start to “mature”

While both groups still have underaged members, the time will come for them to set themselves a part. Other girl groups will still be in their pretty in peach phase, while both Red Velvet and Lovelyz start to distinguish themselves. This is not meant to say they will become “sexy idols”. But they will shed the usual cute motifs for darker more distinguished looks.

Ladies Code will start moving toward their older sound, but not completely.

The somber R&B tunes Galaxy and The Rain were a great way to re-introduce the group back to the public, giving them a new sound and look. However it feels like they swung completely in the opposite direction to avoid having to play with their older sound. I predict 2017 will be the year they find an equilibrium. Ladies Code will not return back to Kiss Kiss, but will find meet some sort of compromise in sound to create a more upbeat flavor.


Only one of NCT will become SM level of big

It’s gonna be UGLY. My bets are on NCT-U…or the Firetruck one. Eitehr way SM is gonna have to deal with the aftermath of a failed attempt at “globalization” as well as finding ways to keep whichever sub-units afloat.

SNSD’s return will be slowly built upon.

2017 is the final year of one of K Pop’s biggest girl groups. Yoona and Sooyoung are ready to become a full time actress, while Taeyeon is itching to forget that Gee was an integral part of her career. Tiffany wants to start pursuing the US market. Yes the girls have ambitions, but first they must kill the group that gave them their name. And SM will want to do that in style. First we will get the return of SNSD. What happened with Mr. Mr. except not as poorly done. We will get something more along the lines of CMIYC and Mr. Mr. Electronic dance track that will actually be liked. The reason for the album release early is to ensure a year long tour around not just Asia but some Western countries as well. Second comes more solos. Seohyun has been very patient, but she will start them off three months after their return. Second will come Yuri who will be the Korean Tinashe, which means overhyped R&B pop tunes with okay replay value, see her during the summer. Lastly will be Hyoyeon for late August. Tiffany and Taeyeon will release singles of course but most of their musical efforts will be tied to the return of TTS, which will continue to replace SNSD around November. All of this will happen while they work on tours, and finding new homes to continue their careers.

Hyoyeon will become the second most successful soloist from SNSD

SM gave that girl two different SM Station tracks and then said she was gonna promote them. Both songs have an obvious dance vibe that stood out (in contrast to most of the vaguely familiar sounds they put out with the rest of SM Station), which suggest a certain sound for her in particular. They testing the waters for a Korean solo debut. STAY WOKE. Anyway, Hyoyeon will find a measure of success that most of the other girls won’t, sans Taeyeon.

15& will come back, but it’s really just gonna be a solo kind of year.

JYPE has been doing REALLY well over the last couple of years. Not only do they have a viable set of groups, but also soloist as well. What started with Sunmi, has now extended into G. Soul, Baek Ah Yeon and the ladies of 15&. Speaking of…they will comeback. For a mini, which will be a small success (thanks to their own) but let’s be real the girls are into their own careers right now. The biggest deal is making Jimin viable as a soloist. She has the voice, and has the people wanting to work with her, but not the hit. Not yet.

Wonder Girls will resign back with JYPE, but they are officially done.

After one more full album, the group will have a quiet send off. This allows them to return if they see fit, but ultimately musical ambitions will differ. Yeeun is ready to be H:ATFELT again, while Yubin begins making a space for her own solo career. Sunmi will meander through what will likely be my favorite song of 2017. It is Lim who doesn’t seem to care. She will continue her career as an actress and MC, but ultimately will let the music side simmer to a stop. No ill will, just not enough to care anymore.

Sunye will make a return to the K Music world.

I can only hope and pray.

Minzy and Bom will both have great 2017’s

With YG having quietly exposed themselves as garbage and continue to flounder about what to do when they eventually lose their cashcow boygroup, former 2ne1 members will start to make their names. Minzy is going to be the most career oriented. She has to find her sound and make a name for herself. Also she is going to do several variety shows, and start off awkward but get more comfortable. Bom will find peace in her life, and make a small, although turbulent return to music. It will be rough, but she will come out on top with her way too on the nose ballad.

A lot more of them disbandments!

2016 was a messy year when it came to disbandments, 2017 will keep it more on the hush. Instead of a bang, people just gonna fade out. If Sistar does a FULL album, not a mini, not a single album with remixes, but a full album? They’re done. That’s the end of that. F(x) has noticeably become Amber and Luna. Krystal and Victoria have their own shit going on in a different country. While I don’t think 2017 is going to be their swan song, it will be noticeable in how short their promo run will be with more focus on making Luna a name musically.

YG will follow through with 75% of their intended plans

This is giving them wiggle room in case some shit happens, but ultimately we know most of what they say won’t happen. The only guaranteed acts are AKMU (they have a teaser out), Black Pink (because they are somewhat successful and 2ne1 no longer exist) and either Ikon or WINNER (because Big Bang is ready for the Military). Either way this year is going to be a shock for the company as they have to come to terms with the fact that they suck and are out of touch with reality. The high flying success they have will not sustain them as they come to grips with having to actually promote their groups and not send them off to Japan at every turn.

And that’s about it. I could have talked about CL…but honestly I think it is expected of what’s gonna happen to her (she will find SOME success in the US, which will justify her saying there, but she isn’t not going to be a big game changer. Rita Ora level at best).

But other than that…y’all have fun. What are your predictions for 2017?


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