Huzzy’s 20 songs of 2016: 20-16

It’s time to spread Christmas cheer with the start of my 2016 song list! K Pop has been a bit of a doozy, and I just want to end this year…as quickly as possible. Never the less it isn’t like I was left without new music to add to my own playlist…so here are my top songs of 2016…20-16 (laughs at my own corniness).

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but might as well…

  • These choices are my opinions
  • If your fave didn’t make it, ask yourself why you want my validation in the first place.
  • There is no real order except that the top ten were more played by me through the year. Other than that, their numerical status is more or less shallow.
  • Yes I am aware that this list is mostly women, I explained this in the intro post!
  • All of this will be linked to a special page coming soon!
  • Enjoy!


NCT U- The 7th Sense

It wasn’t terrible. That’s it. I didn’t do a review for not one of NCT’s little factions because I don’t care. The 7th Sense is likely a modernized attempt at R&B from a company who tends to keep a parasitic finger on most current sounds except said genre. Being honest, the song is okay. VERY OKAY. Of all of the NCT releases, this was the best…as they continued to get worse (Firetruck was a mistake, and Chewing Gum…well bless those little boys). The song has replay value but ultimately shows the weaknesses in a Company that specializes in a more vintage rendition of an evolving genre.

SPICA-Secret Time

The comeback of the talented five piece was less than stellar but definitely an improvement in terms of success. Nothing will top their songs Tonight or You Don’t Love Me (one of the few obviously retro songs that I willingly enjoy). While not finding their break, Bohyung’s success on Girl Spirit certainly did not hurt. Secret Time however did not completely capitalize off that. The song is catchy enough as is, but still doesn’t bring the heat. Also Bohyung and BoA feel too prominent in the song; while they are indeed the group’s two strongest singers, and indeed the most dynamic as a duo, it feels very off considering how balanced the quintet tends to be. Secret Time falters in some ways, but still manages to be a nice and listenable track that breaks the very fresh faced girl group take over spilling over from last year.

Oh My Girls- Liar Liar

I would have went with Windy Day which I found enchanting, and quite frankly that would have pushed this group up further on the list, but…sadly…that little scandal they got mixed up in left a sour taste in my mouth, so I stopped playing it through the rest of the year. Liar Liar was the nicer option and less scandalous. Liar Liar also has a sort of sample of a Busta Rhymes song and Winnie’s too short but too perfect rap section…While this song is no Closer (which was top 5 of last year’s never to be seen list), it was still incredibly catchy, cute and really did set them apart musically (a lot of girl groups have been trying to create their niche in the cute department as of late).

Laboum- Shooting Love

Laboum had a really nice year. While they have been on the slow and steady uphill battle for that popularity, they have managed to put out some really good music. 2016 saw their first set of EPs, with two vastly different lead singles. If I can be completely honest, either song would have gotten this position. What edges Journey To Atlantis out…well the song doesn’t strive for anything in particular. Outside of being a listenable tune, it doesn’t try for that new weird pop sound K pop has been loving. By trying to be different, Shooting Love shot itself in the foot. The song is no Sugar Sugar or Allow Allow. But it definitely has a great listenable way about it.

Taeyeon-Hands On Me

Teyeon* in 2016 was really making moves musically. Starting the year with the only successful SM Station track, she took to the summer with a successful ep titled Why, as well as some concerts to really see if SNSD was actually worth the trouble anymore. Kidding…but not really. Anyway while title track Why was certainly catchy, and on par with SM’s weird trend of dance-house music at the time (seriously), it was B-side Hands On Me that won me over. The entire album was a step away from what Taeyeon established with I, finding her toying around with less ballad and mid tempo tracks to play up her more straight forward pop-dance side.In this humble opinion was a definite success. Taeyeon is an oddly versatile singer; I admittedly thought she was a straight ballad type of singer who would go the Korean ballad or jazz type song, or if she was feeling spicy…a indie soft rock song…And she did all of that. But with songs like Hands On Me, Taeyeon seemed more mature and a little more modern.

So that is it for the first five songs of my 2016 list! The next set will be coming to you in a couple of days. Enjoy your Holiday break (if you are on one). And to anyone that celebrates!

Merry Chrimmus


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