Don’t Speak almost gets it right for Tiffany

Don’t Speak is a song from the group Far East Movement (the group that gave us the annoying Like A G6). Admittedly I heard the name Far East Movement and rolled my eyes, because of that song. However their latest album showed that they are definitely better than I expected. I am proud to be wrong. Their album is lined with many Asian singers, many from the K-music scene. Tiffany of SNSD assist with Don’t Speak with King Chain.Unfortunately the song and video focuses heavily on Tiffany, making this more of a moment for her.

Earlier in the year, Tiffany began her quest for a solo career. Her first offering?

I Just Wanna Dance. A nice pop song I liked, but ultimately panned by most.

While she made another attempt with Heartbreak Hotel, nothing seemed to really stick just yet for her. While Don’t Speak is not going to do that either, Tiffany seemed to make amends for I Don’t Wanna Dance. More exciting, and lively, Tiffany feels more at home in Western sounds.

What’s interesting about this song is that only falters in not finding a dynamic mark. The drop after the pre-chorus, and the build back into the chorus are interesting, but once we get past that and rev into the second verse the song circles back to the starting lane. What makes the song great in the beginning doesn’t hold up well by the third time. Even with multiple listens it sounds like the same looping part. Don’t Speak thrives on repetition to the point of redundancy and it doesn’t really succeed as a song. That being said, Tiffany hits all her marks.

There is something to be said about group turned soloists. The whole vs the individual aspect. Often their voices are used to conform to the group sound, which is fine, but when the time comes, where do their voices go? Who are they outside of the context of the group. With Tiffany it was easy to see that she would go for more western sounds, specifically in the same bubblegum pop stage of Ariana Grande in her early years. While not well liked, it gave her the advantage of finding a lane that she could work on and develop.

However at the end stretch of the year it is hard to miss the fact that Tiffany is far more malleable of a voice than we thought. While Far East Movement didn’t create some dark, overly grim melody, it is a far cry from where Tiffany started and in fact sounds better for her than her initial sound.

So while the song isn’t an amazing page turner, it does highlight a side of Tiffany that I don’t think many could have seen on her initial route.




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