B.A.P. return to form with 10 minute video of Skydive

Boygroups are like a repellent for me. Boygroups who are “hip hop” concept are even worse. So it is already a struggle for me to care. With B.A.P. they have just kind of existed since I took noticed of them. They tend to dip between oyous frivilous pop sounds and more “edgier” darker melodies. But in all of it they tend to have a more lively feel to their music and grow with it. With this being their third comeback this year, it seems they are scratching off that bad boys kind of sound with Skydive.

I’m going to be honest…B.A.P. lost me the minute I saw someone on my timeline say they have a 10 minute video. 1o minutes is too damn long for what was likely a 3 to 5 minute song. That being said, this was not bad. The video and song may not get the admirable rise from me, but I respect it.

Skydive is nice. It’s pretty typical of both the group and the leagues of groups who have a similar concept as B.A.P. I can’t really complain much beyond of how loud I think it is. It is interesting to look at Skydive and think back to One Shot and see how much they have grown while still returning to something that they have done before.

The video being 10 minutes once again lost me, but I understand why this is happening. Outside of fanwank, it really is a testament to how K pop is changing. There is a need for greater bigger, artistic choices. K pop has been on this wave of making even the most shallow look far more pleasing. Changes in filter and editing choices. Scenery. For a group like B.A.P. who are no strangers to that grand scale of visual, this is nothing new to them. Instead it feels like the step in the right direction.

The story is nothing new for them, and the overly sought out image of gangsters and thugs will eventually get tired for them. But it is entertaining and at the very least the story was done well in the 10 minutes they had. Also props to them using another instrumental (for what I assume is another song on their album) as a way to help buffer.

Skydive feels like what should have happened after One Shot, which leaves the group almost stifled. It is a nice enough song for what it is. Epic, loud and “dangerous”. The video is what makes this entire comeback, adding yet another example to K Pop’s seemingly growing desire to break past it’s old ways.




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