B.A.P. return to form with 10 minute video of Skydive

Boygroups are like a repellent for me. Boygroups who are “hip hop” concept are even worse. So it is already a struggle for me to care. With B.A.P. they have just kind of existed since I took noticed of them. They tend to dip between oyous frivilous pop sounds and more “edgier” darker melodies. But in all of it they tend to have a more lively feel to their music and grow with it. With this being their third comeback this year, it seems they are scratching off that bad boys kind of sound with Skydive.

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Hyorin falters with underwhelming Paradise

Hyorin is my number 1 in K pop. She has everything that I want in an idol and musically, her releases have always been some of my personal faves (Love & Hate the album was a very solid intro record). So you can imagine how excited I am for Hyolyn’s return!
So the build up has been nice. We got two other tracks Love Like This and One Step. Both more subdued. Then Paradise happens, and it sounded like the lead single that I was waiting for. And yeah…

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BlackPink’s comeback feels like an improvement

Only four months in, BlackPink have found success that should not be a surprise. Boombayah and Whistle were instant hits, with Whistle feeling more liked for the group. Now in November their return (in October), has two new songs that seem to have spun the group in a different direction.

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Playing With Fire

I’m gonna say it. Playing With Fire is the least interesting of the two. It’s not bad, and thankfully doesn’t feel like a rehash of YG’s past triumphs or mistakes.It actually sounds like something a non-YG group trying to emulate a YG group would do. I kind of wish they found a way to make Lisa work. As a rapper she is very green, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It would be interesting if they would just drop that and allow her to sing (Red Velvet technically have Irene, Yeri and Joy as rappers, but often let them sing). Other than that…Playing With Fire doesn’t do much positive or negative. It’s nice and the video makes the song worth it. That being said, as a stand alone I can’t really get myself to care.

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Mamamoo’s Decalcomanie is a lesson in the worst way

Mamamoo are on a high right now with the amount of success they have achieved since their debut over the last couple of years. Coming in as one of the stronger vocal based groups of the new generation that have made themselves standout with vocal focused, R&B and big band influenced pop. Their new song Decalcomanie strives to be memorable with a more forward blend of their past efforts.

Warning: After this video includes images of assault. Solar (and Hwasa) are depicted as being forced into a kiss with Solar’s character being seen actively struggling against the male lead. I will also be discussing them later in the review so be mindful.  Continue reading