IOI end their year with the catchy Very Very Very

After the emotional annoyance that was SIXTEEN, I vowed to never fuck with another Survival show…after that…there were like five or six that popped up. The only one that really mattered was Producer 101, taking 101 different female trainees from several different companies (big and small), and making a super group of the remaining 11.

Needless to say the show proved to be a big hit and the girls have been set up with possible career choices.

Well since their creation we got three different releases, and this being the last one…

Veryx3 is very catchy. Probably one of my favorite songs of the year. There isn’t much to say about it other than the very lazy but still addictive chorus, and some similarities to Gee.

K pop has never been about complexity. Even when doing the most it is not hard to see behind the facade in which they are still very easily accessible. No allusion is too great, too out there for K pop fans to understand, or even research. Still there is a level where the bar is set super low, and JYP managed to not just glide over it, he demolished it. Seriously the chorus is just repetition of a phrase and then a sentence…it’s not like the chorus has to be super thought out or some brain altering pattern that makes you want to replay this song. There are plenty of songs that thrive off of repetitions and simplicity…but something about Veryx3 takes that to a new and very low level. It feels beneath the man’s skills, but at the same time a testament to what JYP is capable of. He knows his way around a pen. And more often than not, his pen works wonders for girl groups.

As for the group…well that’s where things get blurry. The song is enjoyable and fun thanks partially to a very adequate performance from a group with some distinct talents. But when I step back and think about it…I don’t know this group. What I noticed how most of the girls didn’t get washed away or how I really didn’t know many of them. I knew Yeonjung because she eventually engulfed most of WJSN sans Exy and Xian Chen. I knew of  Chaeyeon who would be tackling the arduous duty of pulling DIA out of obscuritiy. I knew of the unit that formed due to several members being taken from the pet project by their companies so they could capitalize off of the fame their received.

But I didn’t know IOI the group. I was aware of them. I watched Dream Girls video, I was tired of Pick Me with the rest of the K pop community…but I didn’t know IOI. This partially being that while they found success early with Dream Girls and Pick Me, it becomes clear that the group truly is nothing but some project. Four members found themselves being pulled for their company acts (DIA, Gugudan and WJSN), and that left an entirely different group who took on a completely different image. And in that time…that was who I became familiar with. The sub unit.

For someone who didn’t watch Producer 101 and who was only vaguely aware during their debut…IOI truly seem like a put together group. This isn’t bad because they made good songs (and all idol groups are put together). But with IOI there was never a level of permanence so an identity or some attachment isn’t happening.

Which makes Very Very Very odd for me. It is their swan song of sorts. A good one. A fun one. But at the same time this doesn’t feel like the song one should end on.




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