Yoon MiRae makes a pleasant with JamCome On Baby

Rapper-Songstress Yoon Mirae is kind of a standard as a rapper. She has the talent, wit and nice catalog to back her up. So much that someone on a show tried to cosplay as her to win. Still on the rarity that we get a Tasha (her other stage name) comeback, it’s always nice to be reminded of who the original is.

Before I get into everything I have to say: Jamcome Baby is a lovely song. It’s very old school R&B, neo-soul driven music about love. It’s kind of what you would expect from Lauryn Hill if she wasn’t late to the game or actually cared about her career anymore. Yoon Mirae sounds authentic over this song, and really makes for a pleasurable experience…

Also shout out to the Aretha Franklin shout out!

That being said…well…read more.

This write up is late for several reasons: 1) I’m lazy. 2) While enjoyable I had nothing positive to say past the fact that the song is nice. 3) I would be going into my feelings about Tasha as a rapper and once again…not completely positive.

Make no mistake, I do not think Tasha is bad and I definitely think she is well deserve of all praise toward her. But…at the same time I almost never get the sense that Tasha is about to pop off. I wait for it, I hope and pray. I get my expectations up only to get a nice, well done song. All the audacity one should expect from a rapper of her skill is missing. Talented as she may be, Yoon Mirae often feels like she is skating on by. Her rap verse on the English version proves this. She is on the brink of popping off, giving a sweet but finessed verse about love and how she can enhance it. And then it’s over. She takes you to the edge of glory and sits you right there leaving you to watch as she moves on. It’s EVIL!

Yoon Mirae is TALENTED. I cannot stress that enough. Jamcome on Baby is a song I don’t think I could ever see another act make. She has it. She jut doesn’t care to use it. And that…my people is the real tragedy.

JamCome Baby is good. It isn’t a classic, far too tepid and mild, but a solid groove that you can lose yourself in. As a rapper, Yoon Mirae has nothing to prove and even flexes just a little on the song, but ultimately is there to guide us through a nice 4 minute record.


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