IOI end their year with the catchy Very Very Very

After the emotional annoyance that was SIXTEEN, I vowed to never fuck with another Survival show…after that…there were like five or six that popped up. The only one that really mattered was Producer 101, taking 101 different female trainees from several different companies (big and small), and making a super group of the remaining 11.

Needless to say the show proved to be a big hit and the girls have been set up with possible career choices.

Well since their creation we got three different releases, and this being the last one…

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Late Review: Red Velvet plays with conforming on Russian Roulette

Red Velvet return with a new EP titled Russian Roulette, and led by the promptly titled song as well. Having started the year with the somber ballad One Of Those Nights, the group have returned to the fun brighter side of them with this comeback.

I like the song. It’s catchy enough, and fun. On to the important stuff though.

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TWICE’s TT ups consistency but lacks finesse

After having one of the most successful years I have ever seen, TWICE have returned with a new ep and title track titled TT. Based off the crying emoji T_T, the song tales a girl who wants more of a relationship that is obviously not coming.

As I write this (at 2:01 pm EST), I find myself still puzzled where I stand with this song. I like parts of it, dislike some and then not knowing exactly what to think about others.

At 6:05 PM EST, I think I have come to a conclusion.

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So here is the thing…life sucks. I got hit hard last year and that slowed me down incredibly. I used to try and crank out reviews for songs as soon as possible, but I decided to give myself some time to make sure that I could fully dive into the song. And then that turned into me choosing between work, school, sleep and this blog so I obviously chose the more important ones. Anyway while song reviews are picking back up…album reviews have kind of fallen to the wayside.

This is going to be a long ass text post so here is the summary: Albums are long form, reviewing them takes time, I was cranking out reviews, A lot of albums sound the same to me and therefore are not worth the effort of writing about them.

Good Good? Yes

Let’s get into it.

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Yoon MiRae makes a pleasant with JamCome On Baby

Rapper-Songstress Yoon Mirae is kind of a standard as a rapper. She has the talent, wit and nice catalog to back her up. So much that someone on a show tried to cosplay as her to win. Still on the rarity that we get a Tasha (her other stage name) comeback, it’s always nice to be reminded of who the original is.

Before I get into everything I have to say: Jamcome Baby is a lovely song. It’s very old school R&B, neo-soul driven music about love. It’s kind of what you would expect from Lauryn Hill if she wasn’t late to the game or actually cared about her career anymore. Yoon Mirae sounds authentic over this song, and really makes for a pleasurable experience…

Also shout out to the Aretha Franklin shout out!

That being said…well…read more.

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BTS put a lot of effort into a video for a song that is okay


Because BigHit doesn’t seem to think there is a problem with it, BTS are back with another full album (titled Wings) and the lead track to be promoted is called Blood Sweat and Tears. A supposedly romantic track about what sounds like a broke ass love…I don’t know. I am just kind of here to write the review. Let’s get to it.

I feel like…There is a lot to be said…and most of it is not about the song. So let’s get into it!

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Ladies’ Code move forward with The Rain

Navigating Ladies’ Code musically feels like something that will take a lot of time. After a quiet but likable return with Galaxy at the beginning of the year, and Sojung’s stint on the show Girl’s Spirit (which I will eventually make a post about), LC have thankfully decided to not wait too long before gracing the masses with a new song.

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Davichi are still very much a ballad group on Beside Me

Popular ballad duo Davichi returned with…*DRUM ROLL*


I am not exactly shocked, nor did I expect/desire/hope for something different. The reality is some groups do what they do with great returns. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…and for Davichi that means singing in angst over a ballad.

Beside Me is pretty standard. It doesn’t seem to lack in anything really, and even avoids tripping into excess; however the song doesn’t really move me. It has all the usual fixings for a slow tempo burner. The usual production cues including a piano and string opening, but doesn’t dive immediately into a typical orchestra. Instead it comes off as more of a pop ballad moving much slower than it needs to. Then you have Minkyoung and Haeri themselves. As a ballad group you have two ladies who are no slouches at what they do. They sing, and in their genre, they sing with a strong emphasis on phrasing and words. This is why a lot of ballad singers like to play up that weak tone when displaying vulnerability only to fly into soaring high notes. Here Davichi avoid that, instead singing with a fullness, while still managing to give off the idea of sadness. They also manage to not get excessive on the vocals. Instead they sing what feels appropriate…but…at the same time not enough. Haeri and Minkyoung feel like they are just scratching the surface of something interesting, but doubtfully move forward, settling for good enough.

The video is everything that we have seen before. Two beautiful women wondering random oddly decorated environments searching for love. Once again…nothing new, but still very much delivers.

Beside Me is nothing we haven’t gotten before, and will likely not be the last of its kind (from this duo or the industry itself). It is a sad love song that feels just slightly more modern than the average K ballad, and thankfully avoids grand gestures of vocalizing throughout most of the song. But it stops just at the point of being acceptable and palpable for the public…and really…that’s all you can ask for.

Davichi’s Beside Me is available online and on their latest ep 50 X HALF.