Comeback Round Up: Cosmic Girls make better with Secret

So earlier in August I talked about WJSN’s comeback with the addition of Yeonjung (of Producer 101 and special project IOI). Ultimately I thought the group would benefit in terms of some noteriety but it would boil down to Starship to actively promote them…

Anyway lets talk about the comeback that I have missed.

Here is the video

I admittedly missed their debut, but I can and will say that Mo Mo Mo and Catch Me were garbage and this was an improvement. Secret sounds like Destiny by Lovelyz, but lacks that small little push Destiny had…I don’t know what it was but there is a SMALL difference. Anyway, the song has turned out to be one of my favorite songs this year, and I am happy that they got it right the second time. The music video is absolutely gorgeous and really brings home the fact that Yeonjung is now a part of the group (they basically summon her). Overall B+ song, A comeback

The rest of the album isn’t exactly…well I don’t care for it. It’s way too light and generic sounding. I kind of just waited for something to happen musically, but nothing did, and yeah…well no one outside of fans care about albums anyway.

The performances have been more or less fine.


I haven’t heard much happening for this group in terms of promo. Very standard stuff. Pretty pictures, performances at all the normal music shows, and a couple of fanservice like videos (dance practice, eye cam or whatever, and an “R&B version)…all will be located at the bottom fyi.

Dance practice (a load of transitions, but looks nice enough)

Eye Cam version of dance practice (get to look at mostly underaged girls look at you sweetly)

Secret: R&B version (Quote Unquote R&B)

I think it is safe to say this isn’t going to suddenly burst them into popularity of new heights. BUT…it’s better than the last two songs they put out. I am still wondering how Starship is going to manage a group of 13. It took them years before they managed to make Sistar (a group of four) a bunch of individually employed ladies. The focus of the group has been placed heavily on two or three people (maybe four), and honestly that’s probably as much as this group and company should expect at this point.

WJSN have not defied odds yet, and I am betting we are going to be losing a couple of girls by the end of next year, but I am excited for the next comeback that will likely happen next year (Yeonjung is slated to be returning to IOI for their first and only full album before disbanding).

Video Sources: Starship, M-Net K pop


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