Blackpink debut with a double release

Finally, after seven years, YG has debuted a new girl group, BlackPink. The news for the group had arose around 2012…and been through a couple of false starts (more than likely they started the training process for the official group in 2012 but whatever).

Anyway on August 8, AT 8 PM KST, BlackPink came to the world with a double release.

Now I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about this debut. I like girl groups, YG has been skimpy with their girl groups (one is practically on life support right now), and quite frankly I wanted to see how this would go. Well needless to say I don’t think I am completely sold, but I am not against it.


Musically Whistle and Boombayah fit together nicely. With double releases the point is to target different demos and audiences while showing diversity. Whistle and Boombayah don’t really do that. Instead they feel like two sides of the same overly rap dominant coin. There is something even edgy about the song Whistle. It lacks the power and audacity that Boombayah has, but isn’t a ballad. It’s isn’t pretty. It is the cool one of the duo.

Whistle feels very reminiscent of yesteryear. The song dives into the mid 2000’s of rap which. The song has that groove that reminds me of the Whisper song by the Ying Yang Twins. Once they hit the pre-chorus the song wants to take a turn with more accoustic sounds…maybe to give the song some diversity I don’t know. A lot of songs do this only to drop back into the original beat for a chorusless kind of tune. The best part of the song is near the end. The bridge where the vocalist sing and then the song becomes a bit more exciting. If anything I wish the song had actually built up to this instead of ebbing with the idea of it. Overall an okay effort in my opinion.

Boombayah is the more exciting of the two tracks, but ultimately is to the point of being a trope for YG. This has nothing to do with BlackPink as a group. They maneuver through the song just the way the song needs. Lisa and Jennie do their jobs as rappers, and Jisoo and Rose don’t disappear on the track. The song isn’t boring…instead it is predictable. We’ve heard this song from YG before which is why I’m not completely in like with it.

BlackPink seem to be in the same vein as sister group 2ne1. They are the “cool” girl group that people can love as being different, or authentic. That being said, musically this lane is a tad bit…dated. 2ne1 led the way, and no group has really made the same traction in terms of it (Global Icon). But now BP is here, and…yeah…Sooner or later Black Pink would have made this song in order to prove that they are “not like other girl groups”.

I don’t want to sit here and say they feel like a 2ne1 copy. But I think giving them songs that YG has done before with an image that they do far too often…it’s hard not to.

And if you look at the credits, Teddy is on there. At this point I think Teddy just needs to go on vacation. BlackPink debuted with a nice enough effort, and they are doing well, but if this is where their sound is going, then I may have to tap out in terms of actual support.

All this being said, BlackPink are doing rather well for a debut, and the songs are not terrible. So yeah…


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