CL finally makes moves for the US with Lifted


Two years ago it was made known that CL would be moving to the US market…well…shit things haven’t gone anywhere. After a flop buzz single that really only made waves in the K Pop community (not the goal) but did get some play in a commercial (I forget which one)…we finally get Lifted.

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Blackpink debut with a double release

Finally, after seven years, YG has debuted a new girl group, BlackPink. The news for the group had arose around 2012…and been through a couple of false starts (more than likely they started the training process for the official group in 2012 but whatever).

Anyway on August 8, AT 8 PM KST, BlackPink came to the world with a double release.

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Fei’s Fantasy feels like a let down

With Miss A looking like more of a distant memory than anything, JYPE seems to be finding ways to keep careers afloat. Suzy has not been jobless since she debuted, and Min…well…Min. The real curiosity was instead the now lone Chinese member Fei who had resigned (while her former groupmate Jia decided to get the fuck out and find new career growth somewhere else). In a twist Fei has been pushed as a soloist with her first single having been released.

Alright here is the thing…I will give this song a safe C. It doesn’t rise to the occasion as an exceptional release and quite frankly does what JYP has done before musically without being fresh. That being said, it isn’t lifeless and there are some worthwhile parts. The chorus itself is the strongest part of the song, being slick and sensual with Fei singing in the standard hushed whisper like vocals. The part that catches me is the very beginning of it with the OOh where it sounds like several voices singing in a tight space. But then Fei stands alone on a song that moves quite slowly.

The song feels like a very bare Janet Jackson song from the late 90’s (and up to now, her sound only changed so slightly). The difference is that Janet would have stacked the song with harmonies to compensate and give the song a more fuller, vibe like feel.  Another issue is that the song kind of has nothing to offer. It comes on, it happens, and then it ends. I don’t really remember much outside of the chorus, which isn’t remarkable.

The video…well I rarely talk about videos now because there is no point, but here is an unfortunate example of where there video matches the song a little too well. The video hinges on the fact that Fei is sexy and a fantasy. It plays up the whole male gaze and objectification thing but comes off so dull. You can’t even be offended because the video is garbage. Most of the video takes place in the virtual reality where Fei does nothing but dance. The fact that they didn’t play up the contrast between the real world and the virtual one was a real loss of opportunity. Why does the guy have to go to a seedy likely underground area to get his fixing for Fantasy Fei? The video is a waste, hinging on the hope that people would be satisfied with the fact that Fei was pretty, and likely cause controversy for clicks.

Fantasy isn’t the ideal debut for Fei. It’s not bad, but feels sparse and lacking of something that may not even exist. Fei does a well enough job on her own, but ultimately is not convincing enough on this track. Hopefully (God willing) she gets another chance with a more assertive track to her name.