Yeonjung will be joining Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls will be returning for their first comeback (second single) with the addition of Producer 101 and I.O.I fame Yeonjung. This news has brought some ire from fans, claiming it is a mistake for *insert various reasons*. In all honesty, I won’t deny that this could go bad. It probably will…but…I do think there is something that could go right from all this.

Here are the reasons I speculate this is happening

  • WSJN has no traction right now. In comparison to how some groups moved they really don’t have a name for themselves or a brand.
  • Yeonjung has more fame than the entirety of that group (Save maybe Exy). I didn’t watch Producer 101 because it genuinely looked like a waste of time, but…she made the group, had decent votes from what I heard, and all that…
  • I.O.I. is literally not even a year long project…they are done in November, which means that Yeonjung will need to find something to do in between the end of that special group and what would have been her official debut.

To keep it simple, Starship knew that they were not going to debut another girl group for the sake of Yeonjung, when she could be an asset to their just fresh girl group WSJN. I mean they just debuted this year…with Monsta X, whatever solo act they manage to keep around and Sistar (and Boyfriend, but like…). It’s probably not a good idea to even try for something with Yeonjung like that.

As a concept, I think adding Yeonjung is a good idea. Once again, she has popularity that WSJN needs, and it would give her a reason to not go back into dungeon or working as a trainee (Which likely means she isn’t getting paid) for another year or so. This also gives WSJN something of a boost. It’s obviously going to take more than just one person for the group to pop off. Better management is needed. But it doesn’t hurt at all.

Now with the good comes the bad. I think while it would be a smart idea to add Yeonjung, there are so many other difficulties that make this seem like a poor attempt.

First off the group’s size: 12. There are 12 girls, each representing the zodiac. There were supposed to be sub units (a group of three I think) for these girls, but so far…nothing has really been done. I know outside of a couple of variety appearances, UPRS for Exy, and an upcoming singing competition for Dawon…nothing has really been extensively done. The management of a group this size isn’t going to be easy…Hell it took years before Starship was able to get Sistar out of the Hyorin and them other chicks arena, a four member girl group. Now let’s look at this Adding yet another girl to an already under promoted mess might not work out well.

There is no doubt in my mind that there will be an imbalance. Naturally people will gravitate towards certain people, and in all honesty I cannot see the masses loving everyone. They will pick who they like, and the industry will oblige.

I also don’t doubt that Yeonjung will be the one promoted. Once again, she has a bigger name, which would in turn tip the scale in her favor in terms of everything. She could take up a larger portion of the singing, screen time, her face plastered in the middle. She could become the focus of the group easily, which hurts the rest of the group.

I think promoting this group was supposed to be different and fun. But there has been a major lack of the whole sub units (Which this group desperately needs to focus on).

However this is only WJSN’s first official comeback. This may go differently…I don’t know. Ultimately a lot of this is dependent on Starships ability to finesse and promote. A 13 member group is ridiculous, but if they play their cards right, Yeonjung will be the much needed asset to their new girl group.


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