GFriend’s Navillera is nothing short of a familiar success

In just a year, GFriend has managed to make themselves a leader of the newer generation of K pop. Having made a name off of a bright and adventurous form of the cute concept, they danced their way over lively, optimistic pop songs that set them apart from their sweeter and gentler contemporaries.

After finding great success with Rough, they return for another try with Navillera.

Once again, GFriend showed up. It fits the GFriend brand that has been built over the last year. It’s that type of youthfulness that we can expect from them. Very fun and uplifting. Like the song doesn’t actually seem to slow down at all, even with key and melody changes. It makes me feel very on top of the world, with a nice breeze in my face. Or running through the streets without a care in the world. The song feels very hopeful and bright. That is what I tend to associate with GFriend.

Now if I can give a criticism or two…the song is very Gfriend, which you come to expect. Once again the group is only a year into their careers, which means there isn’t a lot of variety going on. This is the lead single to their first full album, and I don’t expect for them to take a full tonal shift from what has not only been their sound, but has made them popular. At least not yet. But if I could say one thing against Navillera, it is that the song is a rehash of what they have been doing. It’s not just that the song has the Gfriend stamp, it is the fact that the song moves and in some way sounds just like every other of their lead songs. This is not to say that they are taking the same exact melody and putting it on slightly variated productions. Instead it is more the entire vibe of the songs feel the same. That same rush of energy. That same epic feel. That same youthful cheeriness. The same violins in the back.I find it very easy to listen to Gfriend and hear Me Gustas Tu, or Glass Bead, or Rough. These songs are not the exact same, but it has become predictable of what to expect from Gfriend. It’s a good feeling because so far nothing they have done has really disappointed me, and the group is very young. This would be a legitimate problem had they been years in their career with no development.

Overall, I can’t say I am mad at Gfriend. While sticking to their guns, they give off a comfortable success. It is a lane I doubt they will leave soon, and for now is giving them both attention and success. Good for them.



Yeonjung will be joining Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls will be returning for their first comeback (second single) with the addition of Producer 101 and I.O.I fame Yeonjung. This news has brought some ire from fans, claiming it is a mistake for *insert various reasons*. In all honesty, I won’t deny that this could go bad. It probably will…but…I do think there is something that could go right from all this.
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