Sistar finally switches it up with I Like That

Like clockwork, Sistar return for another summer release. The track is called I Like That…let’s get into it.

Review Under the break

Admittedly I, a Sistar fan, was hesitant. After three years, the group had fallen into a musical rut. A catchy and fun rut, filled with repetitive horns and likable choruses, but it kind of put a taste in my mouth. Having been three years since their last full album, which also had their last “serious” comeback song (the theatrical Give It To Me), the senior group have been playing the fun and summer concept and while loved and kept them at the top of the charts, had become one note for a group who basically MADE the summer concept what it is today. In short, it was time to move on from that. However how do you promote growth without becoming pretentious and turning to slow meander R&B grooves that sound like rejects that not even the most unknown of US R&B acts would touch for a forgettable B-side?

Thankfully my fears were unfounded as I Like That is more than enough of a song. I Like That follows the new trend of 80’s inspired music, this song reminiscent of Michael Jackson in the early to mid 80’s in certain parts. The song being a Black Eyed Pilseung track I worried that it was going to be all over the place. Instead it was a lot more cohesive and didn’t have as much random noise as the production team’s last couple of efforts. Sistar as a unit are at their best. Hyorin of course builds the track, with the assistance of Soyou. It is Dasom that is worth nothing. She takes up a sizable portion of the track having not only her TWO sections in the song, but a portion in the chorus. This is not to be mean, but Dasom finally feels musically relevant to her group here. And this wasn’t due to her improving majorly as a vocalist; she still sounds the same, if not a little more confident. Instead she was just given actual parts to sing instead of three lines. And Bora is pretty.


I don’t think the song is perfect by any means. There are some production things that kind of just don’t do the song much justice. I think the chorus feels very standard musically, and the hook almost doesn’t exist. For a Sistar track that almost feels foreign. Like say what you want, but their saving grace has always been that their hooks were not completely forgetful. This being a Black Eyed Pilseung production (Only U by Miss A, Both of TWICE’s title tracks) I know I will always have a problem with the production. Thankfully this song isn’t as hectic as the TWICE’s, but like Miss A’s falls short right where the song needed it most; the chorus.  Lastly, during the first listens I found myself wanting something more musically. Like I could not tell you if I wanted something there or not, because the song doesn’t sound anything less than well made. But…I wish it was longer in certain parts. Could not tell you why, I just do.

For better and worse I Like That isn’t the typical Sistar effort. Instead of immediately going to deep brooding R&B A la Brave Bros. or another overly bright horn ridden Double Sidekick track, they found a happy medium that allowed them to do a more upbeat pop track while being more “complex” content wise. While many groups have done what Sistar have done here (even themselves), it is a nice change of pace from what they usually have done, restoring my faith in the group.

Sistar’s ep Insane Love is out now.


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